Getting beat twice in one week

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    The first one was a couple days ago. you see my dealer only sells dimes and nicks so my friend said he got a dealer that sells with ounces and quarters and stuff.
    so he called him up we waited for like 3 hours he got here and i tried to hop in his truck he says no and only my friend can get in i say ok
    hand my friend the money but they drive for a little bit and my friend hops out and walks back he said o ya he said to give him the money right now and he "has to go get it"
    i started flipping out like your a fucking dumbass you know he aint coming back. and i was right but the guy turned his cell phone off and drove off with 120 fucking dollars

    second time we got to go way back a couple months
    that day i remember i was on shrooms and had some salvia (even though i hate that shit i bought it to try it though) i let this girl try some and she says shell hand over a diamond ring for collateral till tomorrow and that shit looked real
    so she never tried to get it back not even a attempt for 5 months i forgot about it and i just remembered i still had it

    so i went to the jewelery store and tried to sell it and they told me it was fake and theyll pay 10$ for it so i got that and bought a dime:smoking:
    man this week sucks ass:mad:
    (i also got the guys address from google im thinking about slashing that fuckers tires out):)

  2. You got nobody to blame but yourself.
  3. Yep, sounds like South Jersey to me.
  4. i know and ive learned to not give any money out till i see the bud

    and another important one never ever do collateral to trade stuff
  5. You might want to consider smoking less, because you're doing some really dumb things.
  6. I'm not a pot snob, but your tolerance is low enough to get high off a dime? I'm assuming you're buying reggie...
  7. so your telling me if you smoke a whole gram your not high
    i think your bullshitting id love to see you say your barely high after smoking a gram which is what my dimes are
  8. I've gone to the same person for the last year and grab off him at least once a week, I would never leave him cash.

    People that arnt out to fuck others 90% of the time wont ask for the money upfront..
  9. :mad:


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    LOL, man, your getting beat left and right and not just those 2 incidents. A gram for 10 dollars????? If your talking about mids, you should be getting at least 1.4-1.7 for 10 bucks, and as far as dank, 10 dollar grams are gonna be hard to come by, it'll be at least 15, considering most people on here pay 40-60 a cut, so 10 a gram would only be 35 bucks tops for an 1/8 of dank, but obviously it's not dank, cuz you'd know your shit enough to not get beat in newb ways.

    I would tell your friend that he owes you 120 dollars, because he's the one who is responsible for you losing your money, or in all likeliness, he A. took your money or B. he bought the bud and took that and just told you he handed the money over so dude could "go get it"

    You don't hop in a car and drive real quick down the street just to give someone money to get you shit. If your not holding any drugs on you, then you have nothing to worry about if someone is just handing you money. The fact that the dude wouldn't let you get in the car tells me that your buddy and him had this all pre-arranged that he was gonna beat you. Unless the dealer just knew your buddy is a dumbass who would hand over the money, but not sure about if you were a bit wiser.

    Did you try calling the dude? Or did your friend just call and say "his phone is off". Did you hear it go strait to voicemail.

    Sounds fishy to me. Lets face it, if your an actual dealer, you don't ask for money to go reup, you say "i'm out, i'll hit you up when I'm good"

    edit: and the dude who says a dime wouldn't get him high is full of shit, I don't care how high your tolerance is, your gonna get high smoking a gram. You might not be totally ripped, but your definitely gonna be high.
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    i know my friend couldnt of stole the weed because he was wearing tight pants and a O aint gonna fit it them without sticking out and i just said i want to buy from him and i called him before he even knew i wanted to get anything and he didnt call him in the time between so it couldnt be pre arranged for them working as a group to steal my money

    my friend gave me 20 bucks and a pack of newports so hes still my friend sort of even though ive lost alot of respect for giving some shady ass guy in truck 120$ bucks when he says "give me the money now and ill go get it"
    ive known for a damn long time if someone says that there trying to beat you
    but i guess it is really my fault because i gave him the money to get in the truck with

    new rule for me "never hand out money even to your friend until you see the weed in front of you"
  12. Definitely a good thing, if a dude declines letting the dude whose gonna buy his weed in the truck, thats a red flag right there. when he said that you should have said "ok fine, you don't wanna make money then peace, i got other dealers i can hit up"
  13. Your friend is a god damn idiot and I would fucking make him pay me the $120. Who the hell just gives a dealer money and then let him drive off because he's going to "go get the weed"?

  14. Are you sure you haven't been smoking catnip all this time?
  15. why would you let someone give you a ring for collateral lol, if your not a jewleryist then how would you know it looks real lol...
  16. owned bitch

    nah i feel for ya, im gonna go to a dealer that usually rips me off..
    If you don't think its enough, then don't buy it, just walk away.
  17. Damn OP, it's your own fault for trusting your dumb ass friend.

    Shit like this is why you don't hand the money until you see/have the product. #1 rule of buying/selling right there.
  18. One word dog. Gorillas. i dont kow where you live, but odds are if you wont, im sure there are some people who will run up in his house and jack his shit if you tell them he holdin AND he got cash... just sayin ;)
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    None of the dealers I deal with sell dimes, because that's a fucking waste of time for them.

    I'm not 15 anymore, sorry.

    Buying dimes is uneconomical, and just plain stupid, even if you're broke.

    edit: and a dime of reggie wouldn't get me "high" like i prefer, I don't feel like going back and quoting the hilarious guy who made a joke about cat nip.

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