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getting baked and playing guitar

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by onions, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. so, all my friends play guitar just fine while high, but i get so un-coordinated and i can barely manage simple progressions. does anyone else have this problem or do i just need better weed.
  2. Nah man if you want to play while you're high you just gotta smoke less so you're not too high for to coordination.
  3. I can play fine while I'm baked, but i can never focus enough to get in a good practice session...just enough for a fun jam session.
  4. Just keep working at it. You should get it eventually.

  5. yeah dude we always play allman brother tunes because all they are such a good jam band
  6. You definitely have to practise playing while you're high to be just as good as when you're sober. The first few times you play guitar high you will most definitely fail, but after that you'll be okay.
  7. I've played guitar for almost as long as I've smoked pot, and I never have had this problem. Different people are affected differently by the herb.
  8. Playing Guitar while high is quite possibly one of the greatest things ever. Smoke a little less the next time you go to play, and try that out a few times. Then you will be able to smoke more and play the same. Definitely worth the effort.
  9. I find it takes me much longer to warm up. Other than that i don't notice much of a difference.
  10. I've played bass for twelve years it even got me into UAH on a full ride fine arts schloarship. I've been playing bass about twice as long as I've been smoking, but my advice to you is...if your a beginner dont get stoned and try to practice...get a good foundation learn simple things that you can do to the point where its like second nature...then get stoned and get creative with what you know.

    I've played some of my FUNKIEST basslines because of good old fashion nugget inspiration. I find that being high helps me with my improvisation so well that I don't even enjoy jamming as much if I'm not smoking. I do however find that I can interpet notes, and tabs better if I'm sober.

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