Getting back together.

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  1. What would it take to happen, how do you know its the right thing to do?

    Just wanna read input, and opinions from everyone, and experiences as well.

    What would your ex have to do to make you want to give it another shot, how would you know its worth it?
  2. Ex's are ex's for a reason. Most of the time getting back together is a bad move. Being single after exiting a relationship never feels great, just recall why you broke up and get on with your life.

    I'm assuming you broke up with her?
  3. The only way I would get back with my ex is if she showed up at my door with like 5lbs of some sticky icky icky.
    And let me grow in her house.:D
  4. I've been seperated from my wife for about 9 months. I don't see her, she lives in a different state. We hardly talk. She orginally said she wanted to divorce me, but hasn't made any moves...long story why we broke up but let's just say we both fucked up.

    I would love to get back with her, doesn't really seem like it's gonna happen though. I don't understand why she would stay married to me if we don't even talk or see each other. Just confusing...

    But I don't know what happen to you two but if you think things can work out go with your gut instinct. Hope you the best.
  5. My last ex? Nothing. I could never be with her.

    Some of my other ex's, well.. that's a different story.
  6. I agree with whoever said that exes are that for a reason.

    Once the "new relationship" part goes away, you'll start to realize why you broke up to begin with.
  7. Yeah, We recently broke up, it was one of those things that needed to happen. I made the mistake of trying to stay friends but the feelings were still there, and its just torture to the emotions.

    It's just I can't help but think we could have worked it out... Such a long time together to just end like it did. Got a bit of a tough road ahead.

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