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Getting back into smoking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by curiouspanther, Mar 18, 2016.


should I start smoking again

  1. yes

    7 vote(s)
  2. no

    1 vote(s)
  1. what's up everybody...

    I used to smoke frequently for about 2 years and had a medical marijuana card. I quit in 2013 & now I'm seriously contemplating getting back into it. I quit because I was getting super paranoid, uncontrollable thoughts, social anxiety, etc that was triggered by wax and dabbing (although I didn't do it much maybe once a week).

    this time around, I would smoke only flowers and only indicas.- in hopes of not triggering the mental part of being high. just craving a floaty body high... do you think I can smoke again without triggering all the bad stuff if I stick to indicas? has anyone else had this or a similar experience?
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  2. Wax is seriously potent business, and it's definitely not for everyone. Did you ever have these bad feelings just from bud?

    Also contrary to what a lot of people seem to believe, there are many great sativas out there for those with anxiety and paranoia. You'll really want to look for high CBD strains, check out leafly, it's got all the information you could ever need.

    If you really only want the body high and minimal cerebral effects, I would suggest edibles. I've only tried them 3 or 4 times, but each time I found that it didn't really do much to my mind, kinda just locked me into the couch for awhile. I didn't personally enjoy it much, but it sounds like it might be a good option for you! Just be careful if you do try them out, eat a little at a time so you don't accidentally over do it, and good luck, I hope you are able to get back into toking and enjoying the ganja dude!
  3. Get a pipe and take one hit at a time and see how you feel. If you try to keep up with regular tokers you're gonna have a bad time. Indica is a good choice.
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  4. t
    i will explore leafly and begin checking cbd. I didn't know sativas could provide the effects I'm looking for so that's good to know. never had the paranoia & anxiety until I started dabbing - apart from the one time I tried a psychedelic & my friend got an incredibly powerful joint to kick in the effects ( the psychedelic never worked, thankfully ). it was generally always stony and happy highs.

    I've done edibles but I really would like to use this on my walks to work in the morning haha so I don't want to be couch locked and not make it to work! however I can explore portion sizes and maybe come up with a compromise.... thanx for answering and take it easy my friend
  5. slow and steady is gonna win this race lol
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  6. Indicas, Sativas, just take a tiny bit of either. If you overdo it again you're going to get paranoid again. With no tolerance it's amazing how little it takes to get a buzz. There was a time I could get a buzz off two calyces.
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  7. Yeah I'd go with the advice "SlightlyStonedSD" gave you. I started smoking awhile ago as well again after getting anxiety all the time. I usually smoke from a pipe and smoke 2-4 bowls and I feel good. I tried some edibles th last two days and my anxiety was all over the place and I began to start deep thinking for a few hours.

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  8. Deep thinking and also over thinking .. Idk why but when I smoke Indica I start to predict stuff and i am accurate af.

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  9. Me too actually. I love the feeling, it makes me think about life and motivates me or at least I motivate myself with these thoughts. The only time I have these thoughts is when I'm really really high. I just hate the "hangover" feeling. I feel off.

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  10. I hear you but over thinking can lead to depression sometimes with me when im super high so that's why I don't like it too much. I also tend to get motivated with going to the gym more and more

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  11. That's exactly with me lol kinda Strange someone else does the same. For me I go to the gym and do more work usually after those thoughts.

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  12. I here u like I'm stoned now but I'm not thinking of anything bc im keeping myself occupied.. Listening to music or watch daredevil lol

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  13. 2 fat bong rips like .2g in total. Chill for an hour
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  14. get higher cbd bud if its for medical and you dont want too high
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