Getting arrested almost ruins Pineapple Express..

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  1. If you've read any of my other storys, you may know that I was arrested back in December along with a few other dudes, When we went to court, they took away our licenses, among other things.

    And when I say they took our licenses, I mean they physically took out ID's.

    So last night myself and 5 other friends were all going to see Pineapple Express. I rolled up a nice fat dutch, and we smoked it in the car on the way to the theater,

    Everyone in the car had their ID, except myself and this one friend whom I got arrested with, so on the way there we were plotting on how to get into the R-rated movie. (Our theater is reallll strict about that shit. I've showed them my COLLEGE ID, but even that wont convince them that I'm old enough to see the movie.)

    So we get to the theater, already running a little bit late, and go up to the movie ticket machine on the side of the ticket sales windows where you can buy tickets with a card. It worked for everyone else, but for some reason whenever I tried to buy a ticket out of it, the machine froze up.

    So my friend and I have to go into the line to buy tickets. We decide that we will buy two tickets for Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, and then we would just walk into the Pineapple Express theater.

    Well, the tickets for Journey were fucking $11.50, because it was 3D and they gave you some glasses too. Awesome.

    We follow our other friends up to the spot where the guy rips your ticket, and he rips the ticket of our friend in front of us, and tells him to go into the theater showing Pineapple Express right behind him. Fuck.

    Pineapple Express was showing in the only theater in the whole place where that guy could actually see who went in.

    Journey was around the corner down the hall, so we walked over there while we tried to figure out what to do. We noticed there was a theater right across the hall showing Pineapple Express, so we walk in. It was playing the news, so we figure that the movie will be starting soon, and we walk into Journey to watch a little bit of it while we wait for our friend to text us the next time for PE. I'm not gonna lie, the 3D thing was actually pretty cool at first.

    At 10:25, our friend texts us that the next showing of PE is at 10:30. We knew that it HAD to be the one across the hall, so we got up and left the only other person in the Journey theater all alone to watch it by himself.

    We walk into Pineapple Express, and sure enough, the previews were almost over, and the movie was about to start. Scoreeeeeee.

    It was a really good movie, and I think EVERYONE in the whole theater was high. At one point in the previews, it showed the screen that said "This preview is intended for all audiences" and some guy busted out laughing, and within 5 seconds everyone else in the whole theater had followed in simultaneous laughter.

    After the movie, we realized that our friends had gotten out of their own movie 30 minutes earlier. We called them, and sure enough they had left to take someone home, but they said they would be back for us shortly.

    So we sat and waited a few minutes. We actually walked over to the machine where I had tried to buy tickets earlier, and sure enough, it was still frozen on the same screen as it was when I had gotten fed up and left it.

    So all in all, it was a good night, and although we payed like $2.50 more, we did see Pineapple Express in its entirety.
  2. niiice..i've never been very good at pulling off shady switches in movie theatres. you are totally right about all the stoned people in the theatres though. i remember when i bought my tickets i turned around and saw a group of kids my age all clearly obliterated and they just smiled at me lol. :smoke:
  3. Killer.

    Way to prevail.
  4. Nothing should ever get in the way of his weed and pineapple express

    best movie ever!!!!
  5. Should have taken a ticket from a friend, and had them goto the counter and buy the tickets.
  6. It's crazy that you can't show them a college ID to see a rated R movie. You have to be 17 to see them so obviously you're older than 17 if you have a college ID. I work at a movie theatre and I would've let you in for sure. Although, carding people and ruining their plans is kinda fun at times.

    Anyways, that movie was fuckin' ace. I loved it.
  7. The first time I went to go see Pineapple Express everyone in the theater was so high that someone who was extremely high (by his voice I could tell) said, "raise your hand if you're only cloud fucking 9.88755464!" or some weird decimal like that. Immediately there was intense and unstoppable laughter and almost every hand besides the hand of an older couple (WTF are they doing watching a movie like that?) was raised in the air. For the rest of the movie, the same guy was talking about random stuff to whoever would listen so it kinda took away from the experience so we went to a different, less popular theater a day or two later and watched it there
  8. i sat down right when the movie started, and was laughing before my ass touched the seat.... it was nonstop laughter until about half way thru the movie when the burnout started for most people
  9. Holy shit, is your movie theater like a maximum security prison or something? I don't think they even check IDs around here most of the time unless you look like a little kid.
  10. Yeah dude, pretty sure everybody (besides 1 old couple lol) in the theatre when I saw it were high. Fucking awesome movie, too.
  11. Dude, like no joke, there was a guy the other weekend who was OBVIOUSLY in his late 30's or 40's, and they wouldnt let him in without an ID.

  12. Its a shame that some people lack judgement to such an extent. Did he really think he would be fired if the 40 year old wasn't carded?
  13. he got fired.

    divorced his wife.

    is now a homeless bum.

    how do i know?

    because this thread is sooo LAST YEAR!
  14. Back when I still worked at a movie theater, when I'd have to check ID's all I would do is stand in front of the door with my arms crossed and anyone that had the balls to try and sneak in could go in.

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