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    Well ill get right too it. My tower is on one side of my desk and a week ago a glass fell on top and it had a tiny bit of water in it barley any at all. There are ports on the top of my case and I think some water got in one because my computer froze and wouldn't boot. I was pissed but I figure hey great excuse to upgrade. I bought a new Z77 asrock mobo with 2 4gb strips of G Skill and a nice core i5 3.4Ghz.

    I just got it all in the mail and installed it all, tried to boot the computer and it did the exact same thing. So I unplug the top usb and speaker ports where the water messed it up from my motherboard and it booted to the BIOS. I was like awesome that was the problem right there.

    Wrong, I put the HDD with my OS to boot first and it gives me a cannot find bootmgr error message.. I shut my computer off and when I turn it back on the same fucking thing happens with my monitor nothing shows up! So I take out my graphics card and use the integrated graphics on the motherboard and the same thing happens.... what the hell, it is brand new it could at least bring the BIOS up for me. I am at a standstill now, my buddy is going to bring over another hard drive and try that but any port weather it be my graphics card or integrated graphics I can't even get my BIOS up.

    I tried different video cords, I have tried to see if the monitor was broken and it's not it works with other things.

    Could the power supply be a issue??? I can't see it being that.

    I should add that I took my Gfx card out and then the onboard graphics worked that's when it said bootmgr is missing.. the card is a OLD 8800GT.
  2. Anyone?Anything?
  3. I'm gonna wait and let u check the other hdd
  4. Could the gfx card be messed up because of the hdd? Iv'e never heard of that before. It seems like the hdd and the gfx card are messed up and corrupt.
  5. Maybe they both received a jolt from when you spilled water on it?

  6. Maybe but it is very unlikely, it just hit the top port that was on the top of the case. Still waiting for my buddy with the extra hdd. I am going to get a new graphics card anyways so I just hope I am able to salvage my hdd's.
  7. Sounds like a bad hdd mine kept freezing before it died
  8. How many watts is your power supply?
  9. You could get an external enclosure for your hdd and boot a live cd (or boot to your friends hdd) and see if you can get into the drive as an external.
  10. Power supply is what I was thinking.

    I have seen a bad power supply continue to fry components that were hooked up to it. I hope that's not the case, but I wouldn't rule it out yet.
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    Yeah I was hoping it would be that either it is a Mushkin 500w I think it is a bit older, I got it from my buddy that's why I don't know the exact wattage.

    This did happen when the tiny bit of water fell on the top usb port on my case instantly my computer froze. It worked after I unplugged the ports from the mobo. Still waiting on my buddy to bring the hdd and see what's up. Sorry to be taking forever but I work a lot.

    It blows too I can't wait to get my new core i5 running, going to get a nice new graphics card in a week or two. haven't upgraded in ages, I have one of the first intel quads, 4 1gb strips of DDR2 ram, geforce 8800gt, it's pretty old. Glad I finally have 8 gb of DDR3.

    Next week im going to order a power supply regardless, any input on what one I should get.

  12. My computer boots up to the BIOS and tried to boot off of the hdd so I just can't see a bad power supply it would have to be frying something specific because everything turns on and works when the powers on at least.
  13. OK, I'm confused. You said when you connect the HD you get a black screen, correct? Or do you actually see POST with the HD connected?

  14. I'm a little confused too.

    Disconnect the HDD and boot from a live CD?

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