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  1. So, i caught word that there will be some good LSD rolling around here within the next like 2 days and I've already paid. The guy i gave the money to I trust, but I don't know his guys. It worries me.

    This is sketchy, but what is life without some risks and some acid? :(

    All I know is if I get ripped off heads will roll.

    Anyway, this wasn't even really a question... I was just letting everyone know how stressed I am that I might lose money and hope. :p

    Have a good day GC!
  2. good luck, real cid is usually hard to come by nowadays, i have had it b4 and it is truly awesome. most dealer pawn off the 2c-x or doX chems as cid, and since most people dont know the differnce they get away with it, since rc's are relativly unkown in the mainstream.
  3. I had the real fucking thing and it blew my mind everywhere.

    I cannot wait. If it is bogus i will be hunting people down. (Not really, but i'd like to think so):D
  4. lol you probably shouldnt have fronted someone money...even before acids in your town:confused:

    but if its all good then have fun and enjoy the cid
  5. Same. Had it just over a week ago and it was easily the best drug I've evr tried.
  6. Don't worry you'll get your cid and she'll blow your mind again! Hope all goes well!
  7. i would NEVER front money......but if its concerning LSD then you bet you're ass that i would think twice
  8. I'm not really down with frontin' money either, but I felt as though I had to. I really wanted this.

    I'll know tomorrow if my efforts were fruitful and so will everyone else!
  9. I'm always getting that fake acid too, man is it annoying. I've done real acid before and it is absolutely insane on your mind that's how you can tell, If you don't feel like yourself anymore and perhaps a different person then you have cid, However I did a high dose of DOB once and got the same effect sept DOB tastes bitter so you can easy tell with that anyways. :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  10. I did this once for shrooms. I never got them........ Its been a month. He keeps saying that he will pay me back, he said the guy left with his money and my money. I told him if he doesnt get me my money hes gonna get his ass kicked.
  11. Just got robbed last night for 10 hits of acid...........:(
  12. GOOD NEWS!


    I will be ingesting it sometime this weekend and I'll be sure to let everyone know the quality of it and how good of a night it gave to me!

  13. good shit! how many tabs?
  14. Haha hell yeah thats bad ass =D. I just picked up 6 hits yesterday myself...only have one left though...:smoke:. you're gonna have fun =D good luck on your journey.
  15. I'll usually front money to someone I'm real good friends with, because they'd do the same with me. It jsut depends on the level of trust. Also, I got my hands on 10 hits of some amazing L a while back, but I haven't been able to find any since then. That shit's amazing.
  16. Oh, wow, so I forgot to update, but I took my acid and it was amazing. I didn't see much melting and shit as I have in the past, but I did see alot of colors and I thought I saw flowers a few times.

    I also remember the stars that night moving around like crazy... ;)

    Good shit.
  17. You should totally make it a blog entree or submission on erowid! :D

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