Getting a vaporizer.. HA or E

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by MulaMitch, May 24, 2010.

  1. It's between the HerbalAire or the Extreme.
    This is my first vape, and I am excited.

    I'm leaning towards the E
  2. dude i have a iolite and honestly the thing is awesome. i pack it once with any kind of weed and im gone. and i can take it anywhere. i bring it everywhere with me when i know there will be some kind of smoking in my day.
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    Dude, the OP is asking for a comparison between a home unit that does both bags and whips and you are suggesting a portable? That's like a guy asking for the difference between a porterhouse and a NYCut steak and you come in with a suggestion that he try some spaghetti. Yeah, they're both foods, but man, comon'............

    Or, "Hey, I can't make up my mind between a BMW and a Mercedes. What do you guys think?" "Hey dude, I have a Harley and it's bad ass".

    What's weird is I see this happening a lot here. Someone will come in and ask what the best portable vape on the market is and someone comes in to state that they should check out the Volcano 'cause it's the best there is. What the hell?

    To the OP, check out the following links:
    FC - Vaporizer Forum / any herbalaire fans in here
    FC - Vaporizer Forum / The Extreme Vaporizer Thread Part II
    FC - Vaporizer Forum / The New Extreme-Q Vaporizer
    FC - Vaporizer Forum / Extreme Vaporizer vs. Herbalaire 2.1

    Both the E and the HA are great vapes. Can't really go wrong with either one, but the links above should provide you with a bit more info to help ya make a decision.
  4. I was making the same decision as you yesterday. It was between the HA and the Extreme.
    Someone suggested this awesome forum about vaporizers: FC - Vaporizer Forum / The Extreme Vaporizer aka V-Tower Extreme

    I found an extreme q 4.0 on ebay for $186 dollars and It bidded up to $199 in the last minute. $100 off is not bad at all.
    Another good thing is that it is made in Canada. (not an overseas sweatshop)
    I am anxiously waiting for the arrival of this badass machine.
  5. I think it was you who told me about that forum yesterday Iwien.
    I noticed afterward you posted four links from
    Great site.
  6. iolite is realy top class

  7. The Iolite is a portable. He's looking for a home unit.

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