Getting a vape for the dorm!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Palapas, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. So even though im goin to ucsc my RAs over at stevenson house 3 are some tight motherfuckers and throw down write ups for noise past 11. So i'm looking for a small vape not too pricy for reduced ordor and better blazin haha. I was thinkin the vapor genie but not sure how reliable it is. Just anything about vapor genie is what im looking for.
  2. Just got a VG tonight, super easy to learn, and got my two friends and I ridiculously baked. Not to mention my friend dropped it about 4 feet to the hard floor and there wasnt a scratch and the bowl was still there. Feels good man.
  3. Vapes will most likely make the smell more intense, or eartthy*.
    as long as you have some sort of odor control, you should be safe.
    But be careful, smoking in a dorm is a dangerous situation.

    Try Vaporbros.

  4. Yo Lean your sig makes me laugh. :D

    To the OP i've tried vaporbros. Its good and cheap.
  5. Just because it is vapor doesn't mean that you should let your guard down and not go through the precautions you would normally go through if smoking.

    Lay a towel underneath the door. Make a sploof. Use a fan to push air outside of the window (to dissipate the vapor quickly) and blow exhaled vapor through the sploof and out the window.

    Remember that people have been caught because of the smell of the vapor. Be safe. If you do, then you won't lose all of your federal financial aid and get kicked out of the dorms.

    Peace. :smoking:
  6. I use a Vaporgenie in a dorm room. Had it for a few months now. I like it. It's difficult to use at first, but you should get the hang of it after some practice. There's definitely a learning curve, and it's not a good party piece, simply because you can usually only use it well if you use it often. People tend to burn the shit out of the herb and waste it the first time they try it.

    I'd definitely recommend it though! It's well worth the money.

  7. I recommend it too. I've had a Da Buddha and two VaporGenies, so I know it is a good product. :wave:
  8. vapor bros or da budha is good...idk bout vaporgenie...hw does it even work i dnt get it
  9. A ceramic filter or w/e keeps the flame from touching your herb.
  10. My roomie and I used a Silver Surfer vape in our dorm all of last year. It didn't smell at all. We simply opened the window and you couldn't even smell weed if you were in the room with us. Our RAs were COMPLETE dicks. We had 3-4 people on our floor arrested for smoking. Our room was even next door to the RA.... vapes work wonders.
  11. IoLite hand held vaporizer.

    End Thread.
  12. Damm that looks sick radio...It's expensive.
    I wanna get a vape once i move out, just seems like a better investment then a bong
    unless i get a straight US :hello:
  13. Well, if you're willing to wait a while, you can't go wrong with the Purple Days Vaporizer. Only $180, but they're in high demand, which is why they have an estimated 9-week wait period at this point.

    It's fairly small (around the size of a soda can), and one of, if not THE most efficient vaporizer on the market, and it's not too pricey. Plus it comes with a good bit of extras. It should be ideal for a dorm.

    The only downside I can think of is that it has a 30 minute warm-up time, but you can leave it plugged up 24/7. :)

    But, the Iolite is the probably the way to go if you're looking for portability.
  14. hey brah i live in the dorms as well. During the summer i bought a vaporlite solo for 90.00 it works really well, although you have to set the temp a little lower than typical, right around 335 F. But keep in mind dont get lazy with your security. The most import tool to your risk free blazin is POPCORN, buy a shitload of it. Along with fan, towel, air freshiner ect. good luck

    Happy Smoking
  15. popcorn? Am i stupid or something?
  16. Popcorn blots out the smell sometimes.
  17. make pop corn while u blaze and it helps cover the smell
  18. And you have munchies! :eek:

    Da Buddha hasn't let me down yet, either.
  19. I'm using a Vapir Oxygen Mini 2.0, I bought it mainly for UCSC haha. So far it's been working flawlessly, and it's pretty stealthy too.. Really portable, and the smell is hardly noticeable even as the temperature approaches 400 F
  20. I heard that the magic flight box is the best for your money. 100 bucks on I've read nothing but good reviews on them. Hopefully I get one soon.

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