getting a tooth pulled

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  1. so im getting a tooth pulled on the 22nd. i know with wisdom teeth you get meds but what about just a regular old tooth. its tooth #5 on a dental chart.
    im pissed cuz its so close to christmas and i cant smoke for a couple days i heard :(
  2. At best they will toss ya like 20 vicodin 5's, if your lucky maybe 7.5s. Most dentists are stingy pricks who dont give out painkillers. I'm on high doses of oxymorphone and i go to the dentist and they try to give me 5 mg vicodins. i just give em the Rx back and say no thanks. too much damn tylenol, barely even worth it.
  3. Dude above me is right, you will get vics or tabs, 5's or 7.5's if you are lucky. If you have any type of opiate tolerance it won't do a damn thing -- but if you have no tolerance, a few will get you nicely buzzed.

    You can still smoke after you get a tooth pulled, you just can't suck on a joint or straw or anything like that.

    Make a waterfall pipe and you can inhale it normal like you inhale oxygen, no problems with dry clot.
  4. For just a normal tooth extraction you wont get any meds. It wont even hurt dude.
  5. They use local anesthetics for pulling teeth, you won't feel a thing, and it won't hurt afterwords.
  6. I never once got meds for getting a tooth pulled and i got like 3 or 4 pulled so far...
  7. Same I've had a couple pulled as well. I've never had enough pain to even fake my way into a script.
  8. In your situation, I'd either do bong rips through the nose or make edibles.

    Make some chocolate pot pudding :hello:

    EDIT: Your dentist would be one hell of a guy/gal if he/she gave you vics for a non molar.
  9. Don't take aspirin, it makes you bleed.

    Tylenol with Codeine sucks. Yesterday, I had some dental work and when he asked if I wanted a painkiller, I told my Endontist I would rather take regular over the counter Tylenol than the Rx stuff, which just makes me nauseous - so he gave me a Rx for 10 Vicodin ES. The the tooth he worked on didn't hurt at all so I'm saving them. May take a couple tomorrow.
  10. After I got my back tooth pulled out I smoked like when I got home. I jus used my pipe but I put one of the gauze things they gave me and bit down on it when I hit the pipe...I dunno what tooth #5 is but you might be able to do what i did if its a back one.... or the gravity bong like has been said... as for the pain killers I got em...didn't even ask... but if they don't rx them you can maybe call a few days later and say it hurts still...thats what my mom did and she got some haha

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