Getting a tattoo today.

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  1. What I'm probably going to get is a cross with wings except the left wing is gonna be a dark/scary wing and the other wing is gonna be an angel wing. This is also my first tat. I have a meaning for it so it's not just a random tattoo. What do you guys think?
  2. uh...are you a chick?

  3. With a dick?


    Just kidding but can we see pics after? i would love to see if the way im pictureing it in my mind
  4. Having anal with a stick?
  5. That sounds just...horrible
    Most overused tattoo is without a doubt the cross
  6. sounds like a decent idea. i could give ya a better option of what i think if ya shown a sketch or something. but have fun, i really hope it turns out how you want it.
  7. i second this.. but then again its your body so do what pleases you
  8. I drew a pretty nice tattoo design of a cross, with a phenoix in front of it, and embers falling from it's wings, then at the top in a banner type style it said "In nometri et patri et fili spirti sancti"

  9. agreed I know half a dozen dudes with a cross tattoo.

    It's rare I meet someone with an original or interesting tattoo.

    My buddy has his family crest though which is pretty cool no matter how unoriginal the family crest tattoo idea is.
  10. why don't you get it tramp stamp'd while you're at it
  11. Cross Tattoo?


    Does anyone think of anything original anymore?

    But if you enjoy it go for it! Where are you getting it done?
  12. This, a thousand times.
  13. I think it sounds cool. The cross has a lot of meaning to a lot of people, that's why you see so many tattoos of them. It doesn't make it any less meaningful to the wearer.
    lol, PS, I have a cross tattoo also, haha.

    good luck OP, remember the vitamin e ointment afterwards and don't scratch at it!
  14. At least get a celtic cross. That's badass. Though I guess it's kinda gay if you don't have any celtic blood in you ;).
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    You should get a tattoo that has meaning to you, and always one that you design yourself.
  16. I really don't give a shit how overused crosses are. I've always wanted a cross tattoo since I was like 13. The cross is very important to me and my beliefs. So anyone ragging on me for wanting a tattoo that has a strong meaning to me, get on your knees and lick my left testicle.

    This is what I'm gonna get except not as shitty.


  17. You're the one who asked for opinions
  18. where are you getting it? on your chest or something?

    remember that right wing will always be pointing somewhere, you need to choose where.

    or maybe i'm just really high
  19. Cross tattoos are the most cliche tattoos on the planet.

    To each his own, though.
  20. Either on my right forearm or on the side of my arm.

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