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getting a stye on my eye from too much visine

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by melli, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. the other night i was mad high ad i must of put like six drops in each eye and today i have a stye on my eye
    could the visine have casued this
  2. Doubt it, but only put one drop in each eye next time..
  3. did you touch the dropper to your eye? That is how you can transfer germs.
  4. Pretty much only if you share it with other people or touch the tip with your fingers when they aren't really clean.

    The eyes are a very easy vector for infection. Don't share your eyedrops, and make sure you keep them well sealed and don't touch the open tip against anything.
  5. Shit! the exact same thing happened to me :eek:
    it still hasnt gone :(
  6. that makes sense they were my freinds and i put them in the corner of my eye to do it
  7. Be sterile with your bottle. Dont touch the tip or let the tip touch your eye. Also, bring your own drops.
  8. Damn.. I just looked up stye on google and have just lost my appetite.
  9. Fuck styes. I feel your pain, sir.
  10. ahhhhh...damn. my boy had the biggest fucking stye on his eye for weeks. it was pretty gross.

    i bet this caused it. hah. gotta let him know.
  11. Yeah, easy way to avoid this is to buy your own personal eyedrops . . .
  12. Why are you touching the tip of the eye drop bottle to your eye? Just drop em in from a couple inches above.
  13. does anyone know how i can get rid f them

  14. Yes it's called a 'doctor'.
  15. A doctor can't really help you with styes.. I've had them before, they're a bitch. Make yourself warm compresses with camomille tea bags. Remember, not too hot or you'll cause damage... but the heat, if applied correctly, will localize the infection. A bit of antibiotic ointment might help, but otherwise all you can do is wait it out and use hot compresses.

  16. It depends on the cause. If it's an infection causing it a doctor can help with prescription drops.

    Boric acid based solutions can help relieve the discomfort too.
  17. Boric acid is awesome! But I use it for other places than my eyes. :laughing:

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