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Getting a smoother joint?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blu3b3ry, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hey all, i absolutely love rolling a nice cone, but they have all lately felt pretty harsh on my throat and all. Im smoking good bud, so that really isnt the problem. Any tips from you seasoned tokers about making a joint a bit smoother and nicer to enjoy? thanks :smoke:
  2. u really cant do anything 2 make it smoother 4 ur throat its cuz its ur throat nothing wrong with the bud or how ur rolling it .... maybe try rolling a tighter joint
  3. Just man up and hit it if its to harsh dont roll as fat of a joint
  4. or simply dont torch the bud 4 such a long time n when u feel like ur gonna cough inhale some fresh air while takin a hit ;)
  5. dont pinch your lips around it, let in a bit of air with the hit and it wont be as harsh. happy tokin man:smoke:
  6. you cant do much. if its the paper that messes with the smoothness using glass will take care of that. If its just the harshness theres nothing much you can do.

    If its a big deal, eat 4-5 tablespoons of honey before toking. It will coat your throat and esophagus area and when smoke hits it it will feel less harsh.
  7. dipping my joints in ice cold water usually makes for a smooth hit.

    but seriously, that made me think what if you put your joints in the freezer..? prolly would fuck it up, but its worth a thought.
  8. There isn't a whole lot you can do. Joints/blunts/spliffs are the harshest means of smoking. The smoke is the hottest of just about any smoking method.
  9. I made an ice catcher contraption for smoking joint man
    its actually awesome, i can do a tutorial if you are interested :wave:
  10. Sounds interesting. I've smoked joints through bongs too. I usually just casually puff on them though so harshness isn't a problem really.

  11. Myself and some friends rolled this stupid big blunt back in 2005. It was made from some "Hillbilly Cigar" paper we found at a headshop. It was probably 4" long and 2" tall.

    Anyways, we got tired of toking on it so we just threw it where the slide went in his bong and started ripping it like that.
  12. buy a bong or a 2go bubbler
  13. joints/blunts are harsh cause theres no filtration or cooling chamber.... ive found that when ppl roll cones they are harsh as shit but when people/me roll str8 ones they are money... but like said above if u want smoothness get a bong or a bub itll b the best purcahse u ever made....

    next to that asian hooker from last week
  14. smoother joint = less weed taken in each hit + more oxygen take in each hit
  15. GLad I'm not alone. :smoking:
  16. you can make a filter by rippin off a little piece of ur rolling paper pack bendin it into a circle and putting it into the mouthpiece of ur j...the j hits so much better and the mouthpiece doesnt get all soggy
  17. What he said.

    Also go out and buy yourself a nice pack of papers. I don't know what type of papers you can get over in the U.S but I use silver rizlas because their thin. Less paper = Less harsh.

    Oh and if you use tobacco in your joints grind up the tobacco aswell as your bud. If you do all this and you roll a nice joint there's no reason why it shouldn't be a nice smooth joint:smoke:

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