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  1. Would it be hard to go to a doctor and tell him i have symptoms(need help with this too, what should i say?) and get a prescription to something like ativan. What would be involved? Is it possible to fake this haha
  2. Lol screw ativan I want a script to percs viks or xans. Hopefully someone will help us out haha..
  3. Docs always know whas up, So many dudes going in for shit when they dont do it.

    But what can ya do but try.

    Or find a 'cool' doc.
  4. Ativans are actually stronger than xanies, I was prescribed to both (xanies and ativan) at separate times, they started me off on xanies then I told them that I was building a tolerance and they weren't doing much so they gave me a bunch of ativan. The trick is to act like you have no idea what your talking about, then they think you aren't trying to abuse the pills. I have gotten A LOT of scripts in this fashion.
  5. I have the bottle and prescription number, would it be possible to use information from the bottle to buy it online somewhere?
  6. i serioslly doubt you will be able to trick a doctor into giving you prescription drugs when you don't need them. Your best chance is to find someone who has a prescription then pay that person for your pills.
  7. Can you really get prescriptions for benzos without going to a psychiatrist?

    Thats convenient... Now all I need is insurance...
  8. Fuck yeah.

    Everybody and they mothers has a prescription for xanax these days.

    Those is pretty easy to get compared to pain killers/lean.

    Jus tell em your super stressed, Shit go in under like super sober stressed time and dude will write ya right up haha. But if you dont look the part like i do its easier. I look like a druggie thick n thin hah.

  9. Man, all I got to do to get me some of them bitches is tell the truth. ;)
  10. instead of legalizing weed .. they try to get us hooked on all sorts of diffrent drugs and pills ...see weed is a " illegal imoral bad drug that will ruin your future " ... but benzodiazepines opiates and all sorts of danerous (if too young, immature, with no self control) drugs are given to imature 14 year olds as "medicine" ... and nobody cares ... its ok because its in pill form, or because its from the doctor .....

    im sorry if this comes out a bit weird to anyone .. but seriously my friends brother ..(who i have known for a long time) was prescribed all sorts of pills because he admitted to the psichiatrist that hes a little anxious and has mild panic attacks....... he took xanax, and ambien as a prescription (no recreational use) for about 1 month and a half ... and then he had to quit .. just fucked the kid up .. now hes a diffrent person (ive been through a 3 month xanax binge too about a year ago). Any human on earth did or will eventually go through rough times, depressions, anxieties, and even insomnia....doesent mean you have to drug them up on hard drugs then let them deal with the side effects without even knowing them or what they are doing ....

    not trying to insult anyone or say anything that might be taken the wrong way

    all im trying to say is that weed should be legal if a 14 year old can easly get his hands on xanax legally

    ...peace gc
  11. i agree. weed is barely a drug in my opinion, no more than cigarettes, which are actually more detrimental to your health. but i love me some pills haha
  12. no recreational use? Right behind opiates, ambien is my favorite pill.

  13. I'm pretty sure he just means that the guy didn't use recreationally in this case. :)
  14. I get Liquid Codeine everytime I try. I do have axiety problems but my doc doesn't like giving younger people barbs or benzos... Dick.
  15. If you want clonazepam (you want clonazepam) tell your doctor that you cant fall asleep at night because you keep worrying about the next day and stuff that is going to happen tomorrow and you cant relax in bed at all and cant sleep at night.

    Works like a charm :hello::hello:
  16. I wanna fake being ADHD and get some adderall. Amphetamines FTW!!
  17. that sounds do-able, i'll have to try that out. I appreciate it man

  18. Word I wouldnt even have to lie.
    I just got health ins so iv been looking up what i need to say lol.

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