Getting a Podcast started? Who's on board?

Discussion in 'General' started by altcontrol, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, i've been listening to the Joe Rogan Experience and "Mysterious Universe" and this podcast stuff is really interesting! Who thinks it would be awesome to sit back high, and talk about stuff for like two hours?

    I can prep with the site and stuff, hosting, editing and adding music etc.

    Would anyone on these boards be willing to do an episode or two and try how it is?

    I can have multiple members all talking too, I think personally it'd be funny, and I have an array of topics we can discuss. Potentially this might be seen, and could evolve into an actual podcast.

    So is anyone interested? Thanks!

    - Altcontrol
  2. Sounds interesting, but what would be topics of discussion?
  3. Me. I have a ustream.
  4. News stories (Batman shooting, war), Bongs VS Vapes/Joints VS Blunts, talking about certian phrases people use with weed, movies and music, and debates.

    The list is quite endless actually
  5. I approve of this.
  6. Thanks!

    Who else supports this idea and would be involved somehow?
  7. I tentatively approve.

    It seems like weed podcasts are either really fucking good, or just downright awful...and I've only ever found one that was good: the Dopecast
  8. id give it a listen :)
  9. Yeah, that's what I mean too, this isn't gonna be some half assed job.

    I'm talking about getting actual topics on a piece of paper and legitimately talking about them, having break sessions every 45 minutes for about two minutes with music playing, and even getting a logo/picture to go with the audio file.

  10. Sounds good man, and I'm down!
  11. Like anything else, I guess it has potential to be good. I hear/converse with my stoner roommates all day though, how will this podcast be different from the conversations people have about weed/current events in their day to day lives? If you find a way to differentiate yourself, I would listen.
  12. I'm thinking making everyone in this podcast super honest. like some podcasts you can tell the showmen have to lie kind of to cover any potential hating on them. I want all opinions to be 100% legit.

    I want this show to be the perfect thing to listen to once you light your bong or jay, and you just sit down and listen and laugh, and make you feel like your actually sitting here conversing with us.
  13. Sounds pretty solid to me.
  14. Yeah, it's awesome that your down too!

    I'm thinking maybe like two more people? And then we can try the podcast out. A normal laptop/guitar hero microphone should work for the first episode or two, like I said, I/we don't even know if this is something we can take seriously :p

    But, I'm all down for approaching this seriously.

  15. Okay cool, sounds good man. PM me if you wanna talk any further or figure anything else out. :smoke:
  16. Sounds good man.

    Like I said earlier, I just need two more people, and this thing can started.

    Once I get two more people, we can all skype/message each other and have a two hour period planned so we can record the podcast, and from then on, I can do all the website/uploading/editing mumbo jumbo.

    Again guys, much appreciated :D

  17. Awesome, just let me know whenever we get a couple more on board.
  18. I'm on board :D
  19. You are?

    Wow, haha, already got my four team players.

    lemme PM all you guys then.

  20. :hello:

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