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Getting a new vape and really need suggestion and review

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sir_Buddington, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Hey Everyone a the City,

    I am planning to get a new vape and its going to be a huge investent and really want some opinions.

    I want to get something that is a bag system and for that reason, I want to get the HerbalAire 2.1 and wanted to know if anyone had an reviews or suggestions.


    Enjoying the :smoking:
  2. i think you should start small with a whip style vaporizer, but im no expert.

    ive been very happy with my vapor brothers. only 200 bucks shipped next day, all accessories included, no assembly required. :)
  3. agreed

    how ever, the only bad thing about the vapor brothers, (whip stlye) vape, is that in my trial and errors ive seemed to find that the bud from the vaporizor catchs on fire more often then just pulling vapor thru, but maybe i just suck at hitting vapes
  4. Well I want a bag sysem becus i want to use it with friends:wave:
  5. if your bud is catching fire on a whip vape maybe you are running it a litte bit to silver surfer only caught bud on fire once and thats cause it was in use for like 11 hours
  6. youre running it too hot, man. vapes will burn if you dont keep the temp in check. no higher than 12 oclock.
  7. Any reason you can't use a whip style with friends?
  8. Silver Surfer

    Don't waste your time with anything less, you will be glad.
  9. I just kinda like the bag style because I can just take off the bag and pass it smong friends instead of having to rotate seats for a whip style vape
  10. I just got a V Tower for 170 bucks shipped and love it. It is the best you can get for that price, I'm convinced. However, it's a whip style vape and that's not what you want.

    The V Tower's big brother is the VTower Extreme - I would recommend that to you. My friend has one and it's another great, great buy for the price. You can use it with a bag or with a whip, depending on if it's just you or a party. It even has a remote control and sweet electronic interface and stuff like that. He was able to get it for 275 shipped. I will admit that it's not as nice as a volcano, but it's only half the price.

    If you have a bit of money or are splitting it with some people, I would just pony up and get the digital volcano. You will be happy campers :) my roommates and I threw down 150 each and we're sharin one
  11. #12 gobrowns, Feb 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 23, 2009
    i would vote volcano classic,
    its honestly a great investment if your big smoker

    u can have party sized bags
    u dont have to move bc u can toss the bag around teh room
    they dont really break (have warranty, solid german design,
    you friends cant burn themselves
    u can cook with the vaped remains (13g per stic)

    also the resale value is great if u ever decide against it. check ebay or craiglist in your area.
  12. volcano is where its at

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