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  1. I am receiving a new plant on Monday. Its about 3 feet tall. I'm transporting it about an hour to my house. How do I transport it without hurting it? By me doing this will it stress out the plant?
  2. is it dry or moist have to let them dry out well before transplanting especially with a 3 footer the way i do it is dry it out bone dry i turn it upside down i bearhug the bucket gently all the way around youll feel the roots detach them self and it will want to slide out frasp base of stalk ease the old pot of hand on bottom of soil and root mass and turn it ever set it in new and walah lol alot of roots groeing out of bottom ?
  3. He said transporting, not transplanting.

    I would set it in my floorboard, but that may not be an option for your location. My next preferred and more stealth option would be a large box that fit the plant while it is upright. My last option would be to lay the plant on its side and find a way to keep the pot from rolling.

    Depending on how you have to do it and how it goes the plant could not be stressed at all or very stressed.
  4. Awesome thank you for the advice
  5. Ya bro I've transported clones, vegging plants, even plants well into flower. Just put it in your car and go. They won't even notice it. I fairly regularly transport plants back and forth about 3 hours away. First few times I was all stressed and worried. The only thing to worry about is tipping over. I've seat belted in big plants before. I would not advise that if discretion is a must. I was younger and dumber then. Now I just put larger plants on the floor boards and pack towels around the base so they don't fall. Then put a trash bag over top.
  6. It'll stress it a little bit but they're pretty tough. Make it as stable as possible and camouflage it to the best of your ability....of course, but just make sure it gets the least rough treatment possible. Shouldn't be a big deal.
  7. Thank you everyone. The help is well needed
  8. This is the plant I got what can I do to save it?

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