Getting a new person bowl. Need ideas

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  1. I'm new here on grasscity. Glad to be on a forum with fellow smokers. I am looking to spend like $30-50 on a small, one hitter/personal, size bowl. Its for my double perculated bong. Already have 1 bowl, and an ash catcher bowl for it. Can't decide if I should just go plain jane bowl or do another ash catcher that is all kinds of craziness?

    The first picture is of my bong, Mr.Burns. The second picture is of the bowl that came with it, the third picture is of the ash catcher I had custom made by a local glassblower, and the final picture was my old personal bowl for a bong that broke. I've been using that personal with my new piece for a while and its worked but i was cleaning it the other day and the handle fell off so time to upgrade.

    Please give me some suggestions. Thanks
  2. no pics bro
  3. Here are the pictures. I was having trouble getting the pictures up.


    Original Bowl

    Custom Ash Catcher

    Personal bowl from old bong that broke.
  4. yo jus pack smaller bowls and snap them. save your money and buy more weed. u already have to bowls that look fine
  5. Since you already have a decorative bowl and an ash catcher why don't you just go with a standard bowl like the one on this roor. 3.jpg

    I have an ash catcher and a bowl like that and I'd say I use the standard bowl 75% of the time. I think it holds more and snaps better without getting clogged.

  6. Its very tempting to have another ash catcher personal bowl. I might just have him make a replica of the small red bowl, just glass on glass.

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