Getting a new flower piece, need advice!

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  1. Im looking to get a new piece, looking for either Mobius or Sovereignty.

    Ive been looking at videos to see which id prefer, but still not sure and need some advice or opinions.

    I reeeeeaaally want a Mobius 60mm stereo matrix, but im worried at only 14"inches tall, it'll stack nice and high and get water in my mouth. But I dont want that to deter me from getting a stereo matrix. Would it be worth the extra $60 for the 65mm stereo matrix?

    And as for sovereignty, I would want a king stemline, but im not sure the difference between the up grid and down grid. Which is smooth and stacks better?

    Give me some input if you can and I appreciate all of your guys help.
  2. Personally, since I moved from downstem to stemless pieces I've 100% lost interest in anything over 14". My 12.5" EFS has me taking hits so big my lungs end up fully filled if I want them to.

    The way pieces function now, at 14" a good tube can be so smooth that the hit becomes too airy and loses too much flavour for my liking.

    If your only concern is splashback, don't worry about that too much. A lot of pieces can have splashback at first, you just have to learn how to hit them. 99% of people who bitch about splashback on real high end pieces of glass are either too lazy to learn to hit their different tubes properly, or just bought the piece.
  3. scope the syn showerheads their real smooth although a bit airy. ive hit the SG upgrids and they were pretty nice but i actually think a double inv. showerhead is smoother

    never hit a mobius, but they seem indestructible and have unique diffusion. i would get one if i had the $
  4. bump, anybody have anymore input? :/
  5. I'm gonna throw out the dg fritted 16 inch in the mix. I would suggest looking at that as well. If your tied between the 2 get the 60 matrix.
  6. If it were me i would go with the downgrid kingstem ( bit more chug than the up ) and one of their gridded ash catchers.

    Mobius is nice though, wouldn't worry to much about splash back on either of them because they all have that reduced size tubing at the top.
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    I like the dg fritted tubes, just always kind been leaning towards mobius or sg, Id realllyyyy like a stereo matrix though just because ive never seen anything stack so sweet.

    Why do you prefer the downgrid as opposed to upgrid? difference?

    The 60mm and 65mm stereo matrix's that im looking at down have the reduced size tubing at the top. Only the disc perc series does.
  8. I have a Sovereignty 50mm upgrid 19" and i get some splashback if i clear it too hard but it's rare. If you get a kingstem the reduction should help with the splash. As far as up and down i've heard the up is lighter the down is thicker and more a lil chuggier.

    For the mobius' i can't say because i've never hit one but i would love to have a matrix bubbler. The stereo's are pretty badass it's a tough call.
  9. the 60t and 65t both have a reduced size mouthpiece tube, the tube at the top is like 1/4 the size of the tube the perc is in. most of the bubbles dont get past that diameter reduction, unless you have too much water in it.

    as far as upgrid vs downgrid, up stacks higher, down has more chug and less stacking.
  10. Any reason you want a king stem over a v6 60mm sg? I have one and i like it better than the 60t. I've hit both side by side. The matrix has more drag on the initial pull but after its going its effortless. The SG has better flavor but the matrix is slightly smoother.. the king stem will be as smooth or smoother. I've never hit a king personally though. Upgrid is preference. Up is more airy and has no chug where down will have more chug.
  11. I have an Ion Matrix and use it as my daily driver. The stereo 65b ("bubbler" version) is pretty badass if you wanted something bigger than a standard bubbler. The Matrix percs are pretty damn amazing. Practically zero drag and tons of diffusion.
  12. My friend owns a 60t stereo matrix. For dabs you do have to be careful about water in your mouth however flowers don't allow the water to stack that high, it is definitely a must to get the 65t if you're smoking majority flowers, 14" is just super harsh for a flower piece. Another friend has a sovereignty upgrid king stemline it's amazing I'd almost recommend it over the möbius if money's an issue especially.

  13. I feel like the king stemlines were the smoothest. I have never tried any so its all assumption. I really just want a piece that can stack nice, with not much splash-back. does the chug on the downgrid give any advantage? And I see a bunch of new 60mm V6 up and down stem lines. Essentially whats the difference betweem the king stemline and the 60mm v6. and essentially which (up or down grid) is smoother, and "stacks" better? And I wouldn't mind splurging for the 65t mobius as it would mean i would have one of the sickest pieces alive.
  14. The difference is size. King stem is a bit bigger than the v6. The chug is a personal preference,

  15. How is 14" harsh if it's a quality piece, like at all? Most high end pieces nowadays are 14" or less......

    Like I said, I'm using a 12.5" tube and can take huge rips out of it, doesn't even get hot.... It's all dependant on perculation but the tight tubes under 14" hit like a fuckin champ with a quality functional slide.

    I've hit a 60t and it gets a little warm on big like .3+ rips, but not harsh by any means.
  16. how badass is the 60t? worth the money over sovereignty?
  17. I don't think it is personally

  18. Eh, I personally just didn't like how it hit. Too much initial pull to get it going and I thought it cleared weirdly, my buddy fuckin loves it though, and it's smooth as HELL for a single chamber.

    I prefer something that feels more like I'm hitting a well oiled machine, with very little pull to get it started but enough chug to make it feel like I'm not just pulling air, like a downgrid StemLine or my EFS double gridded donut. Both of those options are VERY smooth but still preserve a decent amount of flavor, whereas the Mobius just ruins the flavor of your flowers IMO.

    It'd never be my daily driver but I'd consider picking it up if I had some extra money just for how smooth it is, like hitting a double chamber piece that's only a single chamber.

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