Getting a new car this year..

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  1. I'm getting a new car this year and I've narrowed it down to 2 choices.

    Hyundai Veloster

    Or Jeep Wrangler 2012

    2 very different cars... If I get the veloster it will be a nicer setup (leather seats, nav, LED headlights...etc) but I've always kind of wanted a jeep. So idk
  2. A new car for a lot of people is a decade-long investment. Although you may have always wanted a Jeep, sit down and REALLY calculate out the reasons you want each vehicle and the TIME you will be spending doing those activities.

    Case in point. I always wanted a boat, so I figured I would start by buying an SUV first that could haul a boat. Bought the tow kit with it too. Over a decade later, that thing has "hauled" nothing but a lawn trailer, and that was one time for a friend, so the other 99.999999% of the time I've owned it I've been paying more for gas (lower MPG) and probably more for insurance, all for the luxury of having a vehicle that could tow something I had planned on buying, but never became a reality (life had other ideas instead, life is funny that way)

    If you're looking to buy a Jeep or any car for that matter, just ensure you're mainly focused on the 95% usage, and not the 5%. And account for life. :D
  3. are the prices around the same?

    I'd never buy a new car but if I had to pick over the 2 I'd get the Jeep

  4. Yeah the prices are about the same.. around $25,000.

    I've thought about buying a used car, but I want this car to be one that I can have for a while, and I also just want to have a car that's brand new and only owned by me... :p
  5. for 25 grand id buy a used 350z, sti or something like an is250 or c300

    depending on what ur style is..
  6. Love jeeps but damn do they drink the gas! I used to drive an 07 wrangler, 6 speed, and was getting like 13 -14 to the gallon. Gas is 3.69 where I live. No thanks.
  7. Two ugly, un-luxurious, crappy wastes of money.
  8. Since Dodge started ownership of Jeep, I've heard after their warranty they will break down constantly. So you may want to rethink the Jeep for another SUV.
  9. horrible cars..
  10. For $25 I'd get the hooked up Scion. Crash rating has improved immensely over the past few years, as well as gas mileage. I think they're tight :)

    Jeeps are cool but is it really practical?

  11. Hey, great, thanks!! Thanks for answering my question, super helpful and useful!!!


  12. Some people just don't realize that it's possible to think differently than they do.

    Out of those two though... I'd get the Jeep. Mechanically great vehicles. Sure gas mileage will be a little rough, but if you can afford it more power to you. You can drive it all year 'round for many years.
  13. Jeep will hold a far better resale value..
  14. Uh, comparing an American car to a Korean one with regards to this is likely a wash at best.

    And I'm not so sure I'm going to put Hyundai that far down the ladder anymore. No, they haven't been around quite as long as Toyota or Honda, but they're certainly not the plain cars they started out to be 25+ years ago (yeah, they have been around that long), and their warranties are nothing to laugh at either.
  15. why not wait until this september when the 2012 models go on sale. by then the 2013 models will be out on the dealer lots.

    that means you get a virtually brand new car at a discounted price.

    plus a BRAND new car losses a lot of value driving off the lot.

    but if i had to choose, i would say the jeep.
  16. for ever 10 miles you lose like $300, Or at least thats what they make you pay if you drive it off the lot and want a different one. I detail at a car dealership and some guy came in bought a brand new focus, then like 3 days later came back and said he thought it was a 4 door or something really really dumb. They charged him $30 a mile and he put about 150 miles on it.
  17. Sadly, I'd pick a Korean car over an American car.

    Hyundai has come a long way in the quality of their cars. With Dodge still owning jeep, I wouldn't buy one.

    Either that or the new Scion FR-S looks pretty cool.
  18. What about where you live how do the cars suit you. If you live somewhere with harsh winters jeep would be good, but also i believe the veloster gets good mpg. I would rather have the jeep. Also when I look at cars I look at how that car has been in the past years. The wranglers have been around for a while so they have a lot of the kinks out. The veloster or however its spelled is a newer car came out what last year. Not saying its a bad car.
    If you like the style of the veloster the I would suggest the dodge dart. It starts at $17grand I think. It is a new car but dodge put a lot of time for its racing ablitities. Just my opinion :smoke:
  19. In my opinion, you shouldn't buy new. Waste of money. And I wouldn't go with that Hyundai Veloster, I've never been in a Hyundai with a good ride. I'm sure they exist, but they are scarce. The Jeep will be a much better vehicle, but why not look at something used? You'll get something that's much more comfortable with more options for less money. And some of the stupid maintenance things that are common with a given model will be taken care of (if you go, say, 4 years old). Also, if you already have your budget of $25,000 saved up, then you could always use the leftovers for maintenance, upgrades, or modifications to make the vehicle more yours.

    tl;dr? You're lazy. But...:

    Basically, for $25000, OP would be much better off buying a slightly used vehicle (say 4 years old) and having leftover money for either maintenance or upgrades/mods to make it unique and theirs.
  20. Don't buy any jeep built after 2007. They stopped using the i6 engine. And started using a v6 from dodge caravans. Kinda like the new hummer. It's for people not wanting a jeep for anything other than the aesthetics. The velosator is actually pretty nice. Buy used tho. Not new.

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