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  1. Im getting a new bong soon, nothing major just for smoking at home so nothing to pricey. I first laid my eyes on a few but then i saw this one, which will probably be the one i settle with. What do you guys think?
  2. Honestly, it looks cool but its pretty shitty. The downstem and bowl are one piece so it will be difficult to load/empty and will be more likely to break because of this. I would suggest something without a carb and possibly a diffused downstem.
  3. I really just need something thatll do the job, i dont like the one piece bowl and stem but it doesnt really matter to me. Why would this make it difficult to load/empty?
  4. That's how I am, I don't see a point in an expensive glass piece. This was my view after breaking 2 nice glass pieces I had. They were almost sentimental bc I had them for so long. So now I just buy acrylic. I dig mine bc it has a slide

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  5. An 18mm glass bowl will fit over a standard aluminum downstem. It'll be a loose fit though.
  6. Save your money and buy quality glass man. There is a HUGE difference in quality glass and acrylic/china glass when your rip it, and quality glass is much much better. You don't have to spend an arm or a leg to get a quality piece either.

    SSFG makes great tubes and you can pick up a quality 12" clear travel tube for $55. Ray, the blower for SSFG, will include a shower head diffused downstem for $15. You can also buy a mini inline ashcatcher for $60. This tube would smoke a LOT better than any of the afore mentioned tubes IMO.
  7. ^^^ best advice in thread so far
  8. in my epxerience, i bought something very similar. one piece stem and bowl, thin glass.
    i thouht itd be good for my daily use??
    its not.
    if your gonna spend the money to buy glass, get something thats good for its use.
    of course, dont go spend 2 or 3 hundred bucks on afoot tall bong madefrom awesome glass
    but find a nice cheap bong online that has seperate shit
    that looks like it has a carb hole also. eeh
    i like having a detachable bowl that i can freely pack. not have to worry about water dripping from the stem,

    forexamplei was low on cash, i spent 90 bucks on a 2 foot tall straight tube, 3 part system, made from pyrex glass. diffsed downstem too.
    best buy i ever made. if you cant handle soft glass, then you cant handle a bong period and should keep smoking blunts/
  9. 04/20 is like one month away. Start saving money now because I'm sure there's going to be big savings that day wherever you buy.
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    Get the ssfg man with the showerhead downstem. There is no work on the piece its straight business. You aren't spending money on the heady work that you don't seem to care about. Honestly I can't even see how he makes money on those tubes. He sells those travel tubes for like the same price as shitty china glass. Look into SSFG you will not be disappointed at all.

  11. because you would have to take out the entire downstem every time you want to take out the bowl. Its not such a problem for loading, but it will be very hard to unload.
  12. ^^ i see what you mean i usually just leave the bowl and bring the chop to the cp. However i have decided no on both of the bongs above and am currently looking at this one


  13. Please don't buy this bong :( A quality tube will hit much much better and will more than likely last a lot lot longer also. You will be much more impressed if you go the quality route, man. :bongin:
  14. ^haha I feel bad we're all shooting down everything you want. That one isn't all that bad really if you love something about it. List some stuff your looking for in a tube along with your budget and we can get you set up with like exactly what you want. If it exists obviously.
  15. yes its very irritating! haha im looking for something between 50-70 bucks, glass bowl, ice catcher preferred, no perc (cbf to clean!) diffuser is optional and most importantly 12-14 inches (30-35cm) so it fits in my awesome genius hiding spot.
  16. [quote name='"Proud2Smoke"']yes its very irritating! haha im looking for something between 50-70 bucks, glass bowl, ice catcher preferred, no perc (cbf to clean!) diffuser is optional and most importantly 12-14 inches (30-35cm) so it fits in my awesome genius hiding spot.[/quote]

    what everyone is saying get the ssfg it's fits all your requirements and it's a quality glass bong
  17. Just looked up the ssfg and im contemplating the travel tube (straight most likely) or the blazed black glass bong.

  18. Get the travel tube. It's definitely your best option in my opinion. I can almost gaurantee that it will smoke better than the black bong. If you talk to the owner of SSFG, he usually will include a showerhead diffused downstem along with his travel tubes for only $15.

    Oh, and just so you know, the reason why I was shooting down all of the bongs you posted is because they aren't quality glass. They weren't designed for functionality and were more than likely machine made in China. The SSFG on the otherhand, is hand blown in America. This alone highly affects the quality of the piece.

    SSFG makes high quality functional glass for great prices. I don't think you could find another quality tube with diffused downstem for $70. It's a great deal, and a great beginners tube. SSFG also has a mini inline ashcatcher for $60 that would go along great with the travel tube and showerhead downstem. But I believe you said that you didn't want a perc.. Just thought I might throw it out there anyways! ;) :bongin:
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    Travel tube for sure. With a non perc bong the downstem is your only way of diffusing the smoke. Email SSFG and tell them your trying to get the straight tube with a showerhead downstem. If they can't make that in your current budget still get the bong and just save up for the downstem. A nice downstem is so much better than the typical 6 slit.

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