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getting a marijuana high,without even smoking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by beckster, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. I remember like last summer i went to a party with a bunch of friends and all we did was chill,no smoking or was when i first started smoking,and the last time i smoked before the party was like a week im just chilling then BAM,it hit me hard,i felt high like it was one of my first times.i kept yelling out ''jimmy'' for some reason..i felt BLAZED...anyone know why this happened?
  2. ... Did you by any chance happen to be eating any "brownies" at the time? :p

    Only other thing I could think of is a contact buzz. Unless your absolutely certain no one at the party was smoking, maybe you just forgot?
  3. It was probably just a natural high.

    The adolescent mind does some weird things when you first start smoking.
  4. haha im 100% sure nobody was smoking,i was chilling with all my friends who don't smoke,not my stoner friends.
  5. I have no explanation....

    Except insanity... Mwuahahahah.

  6. I actually took a psych class and we talked about this. Partial part of your tolerance is your surroundings. If you smoke in the same place too much, when you go back there, and smoke, It will feel like it worked less because your used to being high in those surroundings, so you smoke more. But once you smoke that much more somewhere different, its like a new experience. It's how most hardcore druggies (crack, heroine) overdose. They are so used to smokin in the alley or in their rooms, and their minds adapt to a normal high for that surrounding, so when it works less they smoke more, then they go somewhere new and smoke that same amount, and overdose. The mind is more powerful than people think.
  7. It's freaky, eh? Same thing happened to me a few years back. Smoked the night before, go to a museum the next day, and about mid-way through just feel blitzed.

    No idea what causes it though.

  8. yeah i know,i deffinilty want to find to find could instantly tell it hit me because,i dont know its hard to explain,but the first times you get high,i find vision is kinda fucked up,even if you dont have choppy vision..its weird
  9. I never knew that before... +rep for that man, very informative
  10. yeah dude that's happened to me so much.
    i'll just be sitting there and randomly have those weird thoughts which feel like the ones i get when i'm smoking.
  11. Oh I just remembered. I used to get small visuals when I was sober that I got when I was high. For instance I'd look at something and it would kind of go by frame by frame, but just for a second, as if I was high. It only lasted a second though, and I didnt feel high... is that at all what you mean?
  12. hahaha,no man i mean fucking high for like a hour,but when im really really high i get that frame by frame,feels like everythings spinning
  13. I love it. My last pickup gave me those "vision glitches" a lot.
  14. If I smoke a lot and then suddenly stop I get high without smoking two times, always. Like at the beginning of a tolerance break I always get hit by a smokeless high two times then from then on nothing until I pick it back up.
  15. now i know why i dont get fucked up in my room anymore im to use to smoking alone in it. and ive had no weed highs before but there not as hard as a real high to me but a nice little 5 mins of being out of it. doesnt happen as much anymore though. wish i could just flip a switch and feel it im dry right now and its so boreing.
  16. if u werent just starting out smoking and whatnot id say thc buildup but guess not

  17. ya no shit
  18. maybe you were really having an acid flashback.

    i'm CONSTANTLY having one myself. whenever i look closely at anything with a pattern for a few seconds, i can see it breathing slightly. sometimes when i'd be at work and get hot and sweaty, i could see larger scale breathing like woodgrain on doors.
  19. When I first started smoking I had the same thing happen to me, except it came back EVERY day, during the evening for a whole week!
  20. flashbacks!!!!11!!1!1!11

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