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Getting a Job

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shigekix1990, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Hey GC,

    So I've been smoking almost everyday for the past 1 month then I decided I should get a job soon. How long of a T-Break do I need to take in order for my system to be completely free of THC? Thanks :p
  2. One month should work, eveyone is different so I would give it a month and a few extra days
  3. far too long. how am i supposed to give up something i love to do (and the only thing that has ever helped me get a good nights sleep) for something i hate??? it sucks. gotta get some synthetic urine.
  4. I'd say a month as well. Just exercise and drink plenty of water. Anything that can speed up your metabolism will make you THC free sooner then later.
  5. or you could just try and find a job that doesnt drug test. depends on if your just tryin to get some extra spending money or something more legit
  6. Depends on your body.

    I'm skinny and it took 4 months to completely clear.

    I smoked daily.
  7. I was planning on just getting a few extra cash working at dominoes or something like that. They drug test, right?

  8. A lot of fast food type places won't drug test. They would never be able to find people to hire if they did lol.

    Production jobs, factories, sawmills, or corporate office type jobs will almost always test you. But I would be surprised if you applied at like, pizza hut or some shit and they made you get a drug test done.
  9. Dominoes benefit off stoners.

    Stoners are usually the most undemanding worker, basically taking whatever is offered.

    If they drug test, people with actual resumes would apply, and dominoes would pay higher wages, and lose profits.
  10. Aight, thanks guys! Really appreciate it
  11. Or just ask them. If your just applying not using a friend to it will clearly state in the application. But yeah took me 28 days after blazing on a regular basis's to be clean

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