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Getting a job with tha thc in me!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by foamdohm, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Hey guys i was wondering, im really broke (18) still in HS and im gonna start lookin for a job, what type of job usually does and doesnt require drug testing?

    If i am drug tested within the next 2 weeks, how can i get it outta me? (im kinda big, lol 220 i weigh)

    thank you, i really need bud money, unless guys no an easy way to make it over the internet
  2. Food Industry
  3. Umpire, you meet every standard there possibly is.

    edit - information time. I worked 2 games/4 hours every other day this summer. Sometimes as little as 4 games a week. Nonetheless, I ended up making a total of $715 this summer. Bought some new glass and a pretty good amount of bud with that chunk of change.
  4. fedex/ups
  5. Restaurants do not drug test and you'll find that most of the people that you work with also smoke.

    I work as a busboy at a nice restaurant and make like 100-150 a night in tips. Does well for me as a summer job before I have to go back up to school.
  6. get a job at a restaurant i heard everyone at resturants blazes
  7. You only made $715 working every other day this summer? Don't take this the wrong way, but for your own sake you really should explore other options.
  8. yeah man..thats not very good. sorry bro
  9. I hear they do test
  10. Confirmed. They do test.
  11. try a cannery i worked there this summer and made like 1500 and they only test if you fuck something up
  12. I got a job at ACO without being tested.
    go figure.
  13. must you be a dick 2 everyone? stop disrespecting everyone..hes not retarded im sure he knows 715 dollars is not a every other post I read from you your always being a huge dick..i'm not going 2 even respond 2 anything you say back because I have Zer0 respect for you.. its not even that you were a huge dick in this post..but you're ALWAYS a dick
  14. Aw won't respond to me anymore?

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