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  1. Warning.. kind of long. I'm at a complete stand still on what to do and I need some guidance.

    I'm 23, going on 24 this year. Last April (2011), I had a bilingual hernia repair. When I found out about the hernia's I was put on a 10 lb restriction until the surgery was completed. Immediately after the surgery I was off work on pretty much 98% bed rest for 3-4 weeks. When I finally returned to work I was on a 5 lb restriction for 2 weeks, then a 10 lb for an additional 2 weeks.. so all in all, it was about 2 months of recovery.

    I have insurance through my parents still, and when I had the surgery last year I think we ended up paying like $800, and the other $15,000 was covered. (deductible was met).

    Well here's my problem now..

    After returning to work.. my boss wasn't really one to care. (I do automotive body work by the way.. physical labor..) I wasn't lifting much, but I was lifting 2 or 3 lbs over what I should. I never felt any pain from it, so I figured I knew what my limits were and I would still be as careful as possible.

    Well this went on for months and as I continued to heal I had less problems with the boss wanting me to lift. I felt good and felt like the healing process went well.

    Then on Sept. 12th, a bunch of shit went down and I lost my job. Long story short.. there weren't any OSHA laws being followed, the boss was requiring us to lift things that we should have had a chain hoist for, we (mainly I) were spraying industrial paint (terrible terrible stuff) without the required respiratory equipment and nothing we could say to the boss would change his mind. SO.. I refused to work, got sent home, and reported his shop to OSHA.

    I was told over and over there is no way I was going to qualify for unemployment, but after some hard work, writing about 3 letters to the state of Michigan and proving that OSHA had in fact visited my previous employer, I was approved for the standard 26 weeks.

    So here I am now, barely making ends meet, having no luck finding another job yet. With Christmas in the close past, the girlfriend and I are already about $750 behind on bills.

    Now, for the important stuff. Ever since I left my previous job, I have once again, have been having mild pains where my hernia was repaired. Only the right side though. I was told I would have random minor pains here and there for at least a year.. so I never thought much of it. Well about 2 weeks ago now, just before the holidays, I woke up one morning in pain on the left side now too, but much much worse. Just as bad as when I had my initial hernia.

    As much as I don't want it, I have a feeling my hernia's are back. I know the pain and everything since I had them for 3 or 4 months before getting them fixed last time.

    I have an appointment Jan 9th to tell me for sure, but I don't even want to go.

    Here's my problem. It's the first of the year. My insurance deductible reset. If I do in fact need surgery again, it's going to cost $5000+ out of pocket.. and recovery time for having the surgery again will be 4-6 weeks before I'll even be able to return to work with restrictions. I don't have anywhere near that, or anyone that will help out.. so surgery is out of question for a while..

    So now I'm even more screwed. If I'm told I have a hernia, I will be back on a 10 lb weight limit until I get it/them fixed. How in bloody hell am I supposed to get a job before my unemployment is up with a 10 lb weight restriction?

    I have always had manual labor jobs. I can't sit at a computer to file paperwork or anything due to my anxiety.. which is why I'm a MMJ patient.

    What is one supposed to do in this situation? I have that chance of getting an extension on my unemployment, but that's not guaranteed. Then in August of this year, my girlfriend and I will be moving about 2 hours away, so who knows if I'll even be able to help pack/unpack by then?

    I know this is long but I haven't been able to sleep for days thinking of this. Please if anyone has had anything like this happen to them, let me know! I'm stuck right now. Feel like shit for not having a job but afraid nobody would even want to hire!

    Thanks GC. :smoke:
  2. Work at a coffee shop or something like that. Not quite as manly as working in an autobody shop, but only stuff you'd need to lift are small boxes of supplies. I have a friend that works at Starbucks. She says its pretty easy, though fast pace.
  3. You could become a server/busboy/ maybe even dishwasher( maybe shit will be too heavy) but I'm pretty sure the food service industry would work the best for you right now. Would being a server be too stressful for you?
  4. If your hernias are back, that is nature telling you its time to find a new career choice. Manual labor is not okay for your body.

    Also servers make a lot of money and you dont even have to be good at your job.

    Just smile, say thank you and fake laugh at peoples terrible jokes.

    Instant 5-7 dollar tip.
  5. I wish I could type my lifestory. I appreciate all the help so far, but my anxiety is too much to work with customers like that. I worked at NAPA counter position for 2 days and was hospitalized for attempting suicide. I went to a year of therapy and tried about a dozen medications before I was released from my Therapist. I can handle most situations now, but only for a couple hours at a time before I need a 15-20 min breather. I am also on medication for Bi-Polar which, if an episode happens it cannot happen in public. My therapist said my improvement was 100%, but no medication will ever get rid of bipolar or anxiety completely.

    I really have no plans for switching my love, passion and line of work. I have been doing body work since I was 14. Didn't care about anything other then cars throughout all of high school. Barely graduated (but did) and started working at a restoration shop the summer after graduation. I have no further knowledge in anything else (other then growing) and no college at all.

    My situation sucks. I've tried multiple jobs working with people or customers, and the anxiety attacks just kept coming.

    I was hoping 2012 would be a fresh start for me after all the BS from 2011.. I guess not LOL.
  6. Did you ever think to talk to your doctor about anxiety in social situations. Thats what it seems like to me at least. Do you get nervous around a lot of people, hate going to parties, meeting new people? I dont know how a doctor diagnosed bi polar disorder because it really seems like social phobia. You need cognative therapy and maybe be issued a benzo for the time being.
  7. Alright well Then how about working in the back, in the kitchen. Then your just working with co workers and not dealing with customers. But it can get a little stressful and you'll have to move fast sometimes. Would that set off these panic attacks or is it just social anxiety?
  8. I told my therapist everything. For about 6 months, I went every 2 weeks. I like going to parties (not huge ones) and don't mind being around people as long as I have breathing room lol. Somewhat claustrophobic I guess. It doesn't matter if I'm at a party with 100 people or at my girlfriends parents with a dozen people there. Sometimes I'm fine and talk to everyone like their my best friend, and sometimes I just get anxiety and need time to myself before joining the group.

    I was diagnosed with bi-polar due to dramatic mood swings. Without Lamictal (which is what I'm on) I would mentally hurt others and physically hurt myself. I would freak over nothing, breaking hundreds of dollars worth of stuff, only to come down a few hours later and be depressed beyond belief. Hate myself for the damage I caused and feelings I hurt and feel like shit how I treated everyone. I would regret every bad thing I ever did. Then my mood would mellow out and I'd tell myself..never again will it happen.

    Without medication I would have about 3-5 times per week where I would be straight up pissed for no reason (other then stupid stuff) and probably 5/7 days I would be depressed. Now with medication I usually have an angry episode about twice a month, but therapy has made it so I know what to do when it happens, and can usually talk myself out of it and calm down before anything happens I'll regret. The depression has reduced dramatically.

    One question.. what exactly is a "benzo"?

  9. I would probably be ok in that type of work. As long as I'm not dealing with customers, I'm ok. I've always worked well with my co-workers at all previous jobs. I'm sure during super stressful times the anxiety will get the best of me, but as long as I can step away for 5 min I'm fine. But I also understand most employers won't give a shit.

    I worked at McDonalds and Burger King both and got fired from one and quit the other. I didn't mind making burgers and food and all that, but both wanted to force training on both front counter and drive through.

  10. Admittedly we aren't one and the same, but even so hopefully a point will be made. I'd been diagnosed with bipolar the year before this happened (think it was 2006), wasn't on any succesfully working medication and was generally a bit up in the air about everything.

    After a heavy period of depression, six months without doing anything basically, couldn't talk to anyone outside of direct family relations; I realised I couldn't continue the way I was going, I wasn't even claiming unemployment as that would have meant talking to someone who wasn't in my immediate family. I decided to do something about it. Bear in mind, the anxiety of having to put myself up for the failure of not getting a job, and dealing with people in general, I decided that it'd be best if I tried doing something that would lead me to doing just that.

    I went from restaurant to restaurant with applications, asking to talk to the owner. Eventually, at one place, I met the owner as they were the first person I walked into, and he gave me an on the spot interview. It was atrocious, to my mind. However, he decided to give me a go, it was the beginning of december and I was put on front-of-house and waitering, just in time for the Xmas party rush. The sheer shock of having to do it, and do it succesfully broke me out of the mindset that I was useless, and could do no right, and allowed me to talk to people once again.

    What i'm trying to get to is that the only one stopping you from doing something is you. The attitude of I can't do this, and I can't do that, will lead to you getting further and further into the debt you sound like you're accumulating, and also will, i'd expect, lead you into some form of episode, at least that's what happens for me...

    No, i'm not saying necessarily go and work in a restaurant, but I am saying don't let an attitude of 'I can't, therefore I won't' get you. If you have problems with herneas, they aren't just going to stop, you need to find something that your body can accomodate slightly better. The only jobs that will avoid anxiety of customers are the kind of jobs you seem dead against ie, file inputting in a cubicle. I just know that, for me at least, the shock of having to actually face what was making me anxious left me in a better mental state than if i'd have just caved into my fears.

    I don't know you, and i'm sure I don't know what's best for you; just giving the benefit of my limited experience. Sorry for your troubles, and it's just my 2p worth.
  11. The thing I'm most worried about is unemployment. I'm barely making ends meet right now (and really I'm not). Accepting a part time job for minimum wage may be my only option, but I see no reason to give up unemployment for a job that's paying me less and can't guarantee hours.

    Also I forgot to mention, this is the last year I'll be on my dads insurance. Basically if I need surgery, it has to be done this year. If not I'll be waiting until I have a job that offers insurance so I don't have to come up with $16,000.

    My girlfriend works too, but she's working for min. wage about 16-18 hours a week, goes to school full time, and has a 45 min commute to work one way. 16-18 hours is also divided between 3-4 days.
  12. Oh well alright apply for a kitchen job in a restaurant not a fast food joint. I wouldn't apply at fancy restaurants because they would probably want more experience. Apply at a Fridays or benagins kind of place. I can promise you they wont say "actually today you get to be a server" and throw you a pen and notepad.
  13. Thanks bud.

    I assume you've worked in a kitchen before? I wonder how they'd feel about me taking 6 weeks off for surgery sometime before August? By law, they really can't do anything.. right?
  14. [quote name='"Sparky73"']

    Thanks bud.

    I assume you've worked in a kitchen before? I wonder how they'd feel about me taking 6 weeks off for surgery sometime before August? By law, they really can't do anything.. right?[/quote]

    Im a server and I would help in the back for extra hours. And I don't know if legally they can fire you or not. Just check on google.

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