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Getting a job... help?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazedmymindbro, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. I'm turning 19 Feb 2nd... and I haven't had a job yet (toooooo lazy to get one) but then I realized the perks of it (mad bud).

    Ehm, I'm actually getting a job at AMC theatres in my town, but I was wondering, Do they drug test?

    Well, I'm thinking NO because most movie theatres have teens working from local high schools and... you know, teens+weed.

    Any experiences?
    All appreciated
  2. No expirence. But I know how you feel, Im 18 1/2 and Ive only had summer jobs. Just get clean and you dont have to worry about it. Dont let the herb control your life, because bad things may happen (saying this from personal expirences, lol) But Im not sure if they drug test. I would have to say no, but Im not too sure. Just quit smoking for a few weeks and you wont have to worry about it :smoke: :D
  3. I'm 95% sure they do, the only places that don't are fast food and some other shitty jobs.
  4. AMC does urine testing. If you are looking for work you shouldn't be smoking, period. Most companies do testing these days. The number that do not is rapidly shrinking.
  5. the amcs here do not drug test. i had an interview there over winter break and got the job, but declined it because im making more at my current job

    the turnover rate for a movie theater is to high for them to care about drug testing. im sure they test for management positions though
  6. I do consulting for AMC from time to time. They certainly do drug test, though perhaps they do so at the corporate level and not at all individual theaters.

    Regardless, anyone looking for a job these days should just quit smoking until they get one. There's no excuse to not do so.

  7. i agree. its better to be safe than sorry
  8. the majority of employers drug test. it's sad, but it's just the way it is. personally, the substances located in my body is nobody's business but my own, especially as far as the government is concerned, but we lost that battle a long time ago.

    if the world wasn't based on loopholes, i might actually still care.

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