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Getting a job at a dispensary?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MrBicMan420, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Hey blades, So I'm getting my card, finally. But I was wondering how would I go about getting a job at my local dispensary? I would love to work there and my friend in Cali worked for one before it got shut down. I just wanna work in one cause it would be amazing. Any ideas?
  2. A job application
  3. open one yourself.
    become friends with the operator/owner.
    i know a lot of dispensaries allow volunteers, is that considered a job to you?
  4. I was waiting for this type of response....

    Volunteer would work, and I figured it would be best just to get well known but I was mainly just looking to see if there was any other pieces of advice as well.... Thanks man I'll just get to know everyone at the dispensary =)
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    I was a supervisor at a easy bay dispensary for about 2 and a half years.

    I was a patient at 1st and came in quite a bit. I was always nice and very well spoken. I asked questions most of their employees didn't know the answers to quite often(like stains history and medical benefits or the processes of a extract I was interested in etc etc.) and nicely corrected them when they told me something wrong which happened quite often.

    Hate to say it but most of their employees were quite uneducated for the position they held and had no customer service skills what so ever. The manager (who WAS well educated) started to notice this and one day asked she me flat out if I wanted to work for her. I said yes of coarse and filled of paper work right after. I worked as a Bartender at night and mon-fri during the day worked as a bud-tender. Got good pay too ($18.00 a hr) and 40 hrs a week.

    Then I started to notice a lot of things that needed to be address at the workplace. From really shitty, shady and ignorant employees; To lack of organization with a large inventory of supplies and no kinda deals, price breaks or freebies of any sort.

    So I got the owner and the manager that hired me sat down with then and talked about all these things and said: You need to fire these people(6 total), you need to give certain price breaks(our club was so busy and stocked with AMAZING herbs and edibles...we could afford to do this) and you need to let me reorganize all the supply inventory(all the office supply stuff and what not) and put it all into a excel spreadsheet. Whenever someone takes anything out of the supply room, the employee must write down what they are taking out so each week I can input it to the spreadsheet and know exactly when to reorder something. I got to remake their labels to be more informative and aesthetic.

    Needless to say they loved the ideas and implemented all my recommendations.(with new cool deals implemented and new more qualified workers we got even busier and tons of positive feedback.)They loved what was happening and promoted me and raised my pay to $25 bucks a hour which was great for only being their two months. Sucked firing people but they really sucked as workers and only seemed to annoy patients by their crappy "I'm cooler than you" attitudes. Which is funny considering they were about as smart as my farts.

    It was indeed a great job, I had a lot of work to do, got to medicate all day, got tons of free medicine, meet great people, meet the D.E.A and watch the club get shut down.

    I had fun and learned a ton. So if you want to work at a dispensary make friends with the people there, compose yourself very well(good customer service skill are a must when working with sick people) and always ask them about working there. It doesn't hurt bugging them for the right reason nor showing them you really want to be a part of their team.

    Good luck I hope this helps.

    Man some of the stories I got from working there... :)
  6. Get in line.

    Hate to break it to ya, but you're one of thousands who want a job like that. Thousands. Not only that, but the job market in general is terrible right now; your competition would be ridiculous under even the best circumstances.

    The best you can really do is submit applications/resumes to dispensaries in your area and hope against hope that they even get noticed.


    That being said, it happens. People do get offered awesome opportunities at random.

    Want to increase your chances? Build a network. Get to know people, and more importantly, make sure they know YOU. Be familiar, open, approachable.

    Good luck.
  7. first off +rep for being so amazingly helpful. I'll definitely follow this advice. Thank you so much. I figured my best bet would be to just get really well known at my local dispensary first. Thank you so much!

  8. Great post. If I could give a "real" +rep I would, so I'll save it for later for when it counts. ;)

    Cheers, mate. :hello:
  9. No problem, glad I could help. Good luck out there:smoking:.
  10. Loved this reply and good for you!!! I bet you are learning so much! In today's economy, you better have some work ethic and fresh ideas! Customer service is a must--if you are a dumb, lazy shit, you won't last anywhere!

    I would love to know about strains and such. My hope is that WI legalizes MMJ soon, I would love to open some sort of dispensary and run it right! If it happens, me and a friend will likely travel to established facilities (in Ca. most likely), and learn from the best!

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