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Getting a gram of hash oil today (medical). Any advice?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Snyder24, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. So the way I see it, since I am using my cannabis as a medication I want to do the minimum damage to my body that I can (and by that I mean lung damage from smoking, and etc.,). My logic tells me if I get the most concentrated form of cannabis, I will need to use the LEAST of it to get my dose. Is that correct?

    Yes. Yes. Yes. I am aware of edibles, tinctures, and all that other non-smokable stuff, BUT I do enjoy the smoke itself, and it's not something im willing to give up. Just maybe do a little bit less.

    What are you experiences with hash oil? Any advice?

  2. i dont think it would be more "healthy" because of the butane in it. also from first hand experience lol. it will get expensive also, because your tolerance will be much much higher.don't get me wrong i love hash oil , but it will put you into a coughing fit ..ahh just get it though haha. i do not think it is better or worse than buds.

    edit- might want to check out some bubble hash.
  3. I've already got bubble hash (I paid $80 for 3 grams) but now im getting hash oil for $25/gram, so isn't it a better deal?

    Here is my hash -

  4. depending on quality yeah i guess its worth it. but get real im sayin. your not smokin for health benefits so dont worry if its bad for your lungs or not lol. any smoke for lungs is not good.

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