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Getting a card tomorrow, few questions

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Delusional K, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Will an 1/8th last me a month if I smoke 3 hits a night before bed?

    I can't buy large amounts because of the pricing, but i will probably be buying 60/8ths where I live of Master Bubba or other strong indicas which are like 3 hits and im extremely high anyways hahah.

    Or should I be buying larger amounts? Like 80-100 dollars worth?

    I'm not sure how much it is, also i heard you get free weed the first time? I live in Cali. if that matters, the city of Santa Barbara
  2. nah man, not a full month, but i bet you could make it last 2 weeks, maybe 2.5. Why smoke right before bed? Why not a couple hours before bed so you can enjoy the high, and still have the effects of great sleep and cool dreams?

  3. I'm getting it for OCD/insomnia.

    I COULD smoke earlier and enjoy the high but that doesnt help me as much as right before bed.

    See for me when i smoke before I sleep i wake up with energy and dont have anxiety that day or anything, but normally i have trouble sleeping(i get episodes) and i wake up tired even when i do get sleep...

    So smoking right before i sleep prolongs the effects i get when i wake up, so to speak.
  4. Also what are the rules about smoking in public?

    Where I live currently I can't smoke inside the house, so i'll have to be outside.

    So far I have smoked a few times outside, i mean theres a bunch of stoners nearbye but if its illegal even when i have a card...I mean im using a bong >_> and people walk by, they don't say anything but still\

    **** if 50-60 doesn't last me a month idk if I can afford that.
  5. It all depends on how much you smoke.

    My brother smokes a little bit once a day before going to sleep, and because he never smokes more than that, he has a very low tolerance.

    He can make an eighth of good bud last a little more than a month easy.

  6. It wouldnt be A good idea, but you can do it easily, depending upon the circumstances of course. Not getting possesion charges makes it slightly less dangerous. But police can still bust you, just find a safe,secluded spot.

    Get a vaporizer. It does not smell, it uses less + conserves bud, and its also better on your lungs. Depending on which vaporizer you buy, that amount could last you a month if you Try to make it last.

  7. lie lie lie...vapes will still stink up a room...even if no smoke is commin out it still smells....if you can taste it you can smell it.....i dont think it makes weed last any longer either...we got the volcano and a lil wood box digi one and they burn just as fast if not faster then a normal packed bowl
  8. I mean 3 hits really won't smell AT ALL. Especially if you are good at holding it in and/or blowing it out a window. Smoking outside with your medical card is definitely a bad idea in my opinion. Medicating in public is going to get you in a pretty good deal of trouble anyway.

    Yeah, daily use is probably going to be more than an eighth a month, even in such small dosages. A quarter is doable if you never smoke other than at night.

    Vaporizers are great and all, but they don't really help me sleep. It is such a different high it never like knocks me out.

    The cost of the card is pretty expensive, out here around $250, but I think in cali around $150-200. I could be wrong though haha.

    Good luck getting your card!
  9. With my vaporizer, you can adjust the temperature. So i can just turn it up if i want the tiring effects. An efficient vaporizer will use less, and the less you use-the less it smells. The volcano isnt a greta vape in terms of conserving. The Vapor it produces is also pretty thick. So dont judge just by the couple vapes you have.

    Another point that sort of contradicts what i said, You shouldnt be exhaling anything when you vaporize. Vapor does not go stale the same way smoke does. So you should be holding it in until you exhale nothing, because even then it wont hurt your lungs.
    If you dont exhale any vapor, and you dont sit in a room with no cracks in the door, no windows and no fans, then it will not smell very much.
  10. both vapes we have, have the digi temp on them to.. the lowest we got it to burn..well not burn but vaporise was around 150-160 no smoke ever came out but after walking out of the room and back in it still smelt like some dank was smoked..idk i really dont even like vapes...i feel they dont get you as medicated as a bubbler or a bong...even a pipe for that matter.. if you need to hide the smell get a old paper towel roll (the cardboard) then get your sisters, moms,girlfriends, wife's or buy some of those girl leg hose things, cut a lil piece and rubber band it to one side of the tube.. then stuff the open side with those smell good fiber things you put in your dryer to make your clothes smell good... take a rip and blow it thru the tube, it will smell like you just did your laundry! i swear did it all the time when i was younger lol
  11. That wont completly get rid of the smell. The weed itself could smell without being burned or vaped. Or maybe the smell of stale smoke lingered. I feel that it takes longer to feel the effects with vapor. Smoke contains things like carbon monoxide(products oif smoke of ANY kind, and is toxic) But yes with smoking you get all of the chemicals at once(including some of the ones you dont want, but its not that bad) and i can say from experience its a more 'fucked up' type of high as opposed to vapor. I have a low tolerence right now and i vaped last night with mostly stems and couldnt tell the difference from smoking earlier in the day. It depends on the person, because Cannabis affects everyone differently.
  12. Turns out literally every single one of my neighbors smokes weed, no joke.

    Literally over 5 people saw me smoke out of my bong yesterday and noone cares because they all smoke too >_>

    Anyways I got an 8th of ATF, it was fat :smoking:. I'm a patient now woo!

    My friend is making me a little wooden pipe thats pretty sick to smoke out of, so i'll probably be using that to smoke from now on, it's more discreet and not as big to take out and such.

    Oh yeah it was expensive! I only went to one shop but all the buds they had were either 60 and 8th or 70. Only one bud was 45 an 8th.

    Hopefully i can find somewhere cheaper

  13. Well its normally $60 for an 1/8th, that would last you for about 2 weeks. 1/4th might last you about a month, depending how much you smoke.

    You can smoke on your property perfectly legal with a card, if cops come by and try to bother you, show them your card, and they should leave you alone.
  14. I don't know what prices are like where you are, but in socal, there are plenty of shops that charge no more than $45 an eighth, and have cheaper ones for as little as 25-30$.
  15. I'm pretty sure this 8th can last me a month.

    It's super dense, the tiniest amount gives me 3 hits.

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