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Getting a buzz

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MeAndMaryJane, May 24, 2011.

  1. I remember when i was like 13, my friends stole a pack of Marlboro's and we all smoked about 4. I was the pot head of the group and i told them to smoke it like weed and hold it in long. When we did that, we got buzzed, and i liked that feeling. Is there a way to get that feeling back because i no longer get it?
  2. Nope, thats why you don't smoke tobacco.
  3. sometimes i'll mix my tobacco and weed, just for the buzz. you make a decent mix and you'll get a nice lasting head rush.
  4. nah man u got immuned to the nicotine take a t-break.
  5. I agree with this. I love to also just smoke a quick one right as im coming down from my weed high because it just makes it shoot back up for me.
  6. Personally since i dont smoke cigarettes, i hate that tabacco taste. Dont ruin the herb mang lol! Thats just my opinion though.. Whatever gets u high eh?
  7. T-break, or do your lungs an amazing favor and quit that nasty tobacco!!
  8. if you don't like the taste of tobacco, i think the next best thing would be a double wrapped blunt.
  9. i stopped cigs a looooong time ago. idk maybe im used to the weed sensation that i dont get a nicotine buzz anymore
  10. I'm blessed with some fucking miracle. I've prob smoked like 4 packs total in all my life (the past like 2 years) and every time I did it it just made me think "Wow, this shit blows". It makes me sick and want to throw up, I guess I have a weak stomach cause alcohol does the same thing. But not weed :smoke:
  11. Smoke poppers (not recomended ). I only get a buzz off the first cigarette of the day. It's just a nice relaxed feeling though.
  12. Smoking cigs is bad, but smoking cigs and holding in all that awful smoke for a long time is horrible for your lungs.
  13. I don't generally smoke ciggerate's, I however do enjoy a good wine, apple, or wood tip Black and mild. Probably smoke one a week if I averaged it out, sometimes a pack a week, sometimes none in a month, really depends on if I want something to burn while I'm delivering.(I deliver Pizza's, and smoking constant J's would be such a huge waste of money)

    I must say though no matter how long of a break I take from tobacco, when I come back it's never like the first full black and mild I had. The first pack of Black and Milds I smoked actually made me knees a bit weak when I got out of the car and my head would get a beautiful rush. I miss that. :(
  14. yeah, not i take breaks and smoke a black and mild once a week and i keep the buzz. the longer i stay away from smoking, the bigger the buzz is when i do it again
  15. Just smoke a cigar or two every once in a while if you want that buzz back. Consistently smoking will build up your tolerance and you won't feel shit. But every couple weeks or so grab some swishers and ash those fucks. You'll be buzzin all night :smoke:
  16. I get a pretty awesome buzz from deep breathing exercises.It feels absolutely orgasmic after about 10 - 15 minutes. Deep breathing exercises go by a variety of names, such as Qigong and Pranayama; both are great ,but all breathing exercises involve taking deep breaths through the nose and exhaling out the mouth. You should give it a shot, it's even better if you do it before and after smoking a bowl of some good greens:smoke:

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