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    yo, i found this website that has this 4 seat long retarded bus for sale thats in like new shapeish for like 3K

    i contacted him, and he said i can treat it like a regular van, just have to get it painted different color, and cant carry more than 11 people.

    so im going to get it painted green with purple trim

    how sick of a idea do you think this is? or do you think its fucking stupid as hell? give me some feedback:)
  2. sounds like the greatest idea you've ever had
  3. I think if you paint "420" on your bus, you should be prepared to get pulled over at least once every 3 blocks. :p
  4. lol well I wouldn't do it but I would laugh if someone I knew did.

    No chance in hell I would ride in it though if it had 420 on the side. Shit it's risky enough driving in a purple and green special bus...
  5. ya don't paint 420 on it, you'll look like a schmuck.
  6. It's a good idea IMO. You just need class A or B license if you want to have anyone besides you on board. And in some areas extra schooling is required.
  7. sounds like a possesion charge waiting to happen but i must admit i would definently want to ride in it and smoke it out haha
  8. Be prepared to be the only driver if your friends all want to go somewhere.
  9. answering all questions and comments:
    i can register it as a regular van because its title is subburban, its pretty much a long van with a school bus looking kit on it

    im probly not going to paint 420 on the side, i just said that to add it in, definatly get pulled over alot.

    and....dam, i forgot what else was said....
  10. I was thinking a city bus. :D
  11. do it broski have a 15 person blunt ride... 15 Ls goin at once! yuuh
  12. well instead of just putting 420, you could team up with your nearest NORML hq and maybe promote them, get some norml shit decked on the bus.
  13. If it looks like this, go ahead...

  14. no no...its longer than that...

  15. You should take out the back seats, put in a couch or two, maybe a TV or something? Anything's possible!

    Go wild!

    I've always thought about doing this very thing...:smoke:
  16. black bus slammed to the ground, nice trippy interior with black lights and plasma globes (play with one of those next time you're high, thank me later), hydraulics or air ride. shit would be ballin'
  17. maybe it's my southern roots....

  18. I'de just keep it yellow and tint the windows. I think a purple buss may look a bit suspicious.

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