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Getting a brownie

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Newtoke, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Hi.

    I've never tried edibles, but I'll be getting a few brownies soon from one of the medical dispensaries nearby. I've never tried edibles. Will 1 brownie be enough to get me high? I only smoke once a week, so my tolerance is pretty low- Although I don't know if smoking tolerance and edibles are related.

    Should I eat the whole brownie like in a quick time span(1-5 minutes) or space it out?

    Thanks! :smoke:
  2. I had my very first Marijuana yesterday in the form of a brownie because I don't smoke. A friend of mine brought over one brownie and we shared it (we each had half). At first all it did was make me hungry. But then after about an hour or so, the great effects of the Marijuana kicked in and it totally calmed me down and got rid of my OCD, anxiety and depression in which I have had for my entire life(40 years). I was taking five different prescription medications for my problems and none of them even came close to working nearly half as good as that single half of Marijuana brownie I ate yesterday. I just wish I could have had the whole thing.
    But anyway, I would recommend you eat the whole entire brownie at your regular eating pace.


    I know I sure as hell did. :D
  3. Thanks for the advice :)
  4. it would depend on how strong the brownie is...i'd say just eat it :)

    if it's too strong then you'll just pass out and have amazing sleep :D
  5. get ready for mad gass haha.

    anytime i indulge on edibles i always get gas.

    if its a first time thing dont over do it.

    dont smoke a bowl just wait about 45 minutes till it hits you then smoke.

    as ive greened out before from edibles.

  6. this

    eat the edible
    if its way too strong and starts to freak you out, then just go to sleep
    do it by yourself once around evening
    smoke after an hour of being on the edible

  7. You are very welcome.

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