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Getting a bong completely dry?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DoARip, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Ey guys I've got a quick question here.
    How do I get my bong completely dry after I use it?
    I dump the water out but no matter what I do it's still not completely dry. Whenever I go to use it again there's always a small amount of water left at the bottom from my previous smoke
    I know most people just leave the water in their bong for days at a time but that's not my style.

    Any tips so my bong isn't all wet and musty?
    I store it up on a shelf in my garage so it's not like it's not well ventilated.
  2. attach a paper towel to a broken metal hanger
  3. [quote name='"whiteice15"']attach a paper towel to a broken metal hanger[/quote]

    That's a pretty good idea, I'll have to try that. Thanks

    I was thinking about putting one of those moister packet things you get from beef jerky and stuff in the bong when I put it away.
    Would that suck up any moister in the bong, or would that not work?
  4. Try leaving it in the sun for a hour.
  5. i guess but i have an unrealistic fear of those things and always think i'm going to die when i fuck with them. you could get a blow dryer i guess but that may create a smell depending on how clean your bong is.

    Also, depending on how big your bong is, a turkey baster would work to get the bulk of the water out and then you can simply absorb the little amount that is left

  6. If you didnt notice.. Those are DEADLY! dont do that!:eek:
  7. [quote name='"doubled0218"']Try leaving it in the sun for a hour.[/quote]

    That can't exactly work :p you see I live in a place that doesn't get much sunshine this time of year.
    It's cold and it's dark 2/3 of the day.
  8. [quote name='"greger"']

    If you didnt notice.. Those are DEADLY! dont do that!:eek:[/quote]

    I knew they were deadly to ingest but if they can sit in a pack of jerky for months at a time and not poison the food I would imagine it would be okay to sit inside a glass bong.
    But I guess you can never be too careful.
  9. sun till it drys or a blow-dryer if u got time.
  10. i change my water everytime i use my bong

    everynight before bed i rinse out my bong with hot water so she good to go in the morning (carefull if u have cheap glass it can and or will crack)
    the water at the botton is all the water in the tube that collected over night

    if u rinse ur bong out all the time then that water is clean water so no need to worry

    after im done rinsing i blow through the neck of the bong n force some of the water down to colect and empty it

    ur bong doesnt have to be competely dry..i dont even know if mine is in the mornings...i think it is

    or u can put ur bong upside dwn so the water drips out

    but i woud just rinse, blow through the neck a few time n dump out the lil bt of water
    if nethings there in the morn just dump it out n fill her up
  11. Eh, I empty my bong after every use, I wanted to do this when I first got it too. You'll eventually give up and realize it's really not worth it because it's gonna stink either way, so you may as well just leave the last few droplets.
  12. if u rinse it it doesnt smell that bad

    op what kinda bong u got????

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