Gettin ur dick sucked

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  1. Feels good, bout to get some head tuesday and made me wanna post some good bj stories. Once at a kickback this fine chick showed up, and i was the one with the bud... so we smoked sooo much and drank then she gave me head in the bathroom (no blumpkin) but god dam i was so fucked up is was awesome!

    share away!
  2. Feels fucken good
  3. lol blumpkin:laughing:
  4. I dont get it^
  5. Onetime I was in thailand. The chick was a dude
  6. I don't have any interesting stories. They usually go something like this...:
    making out...unzips my pants, sucks my dick....BLAOW
  7. I gagged this drunk chick with my piece, she ralphed everywhere and almost on my sack.
    It was dope.
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    ohye suck my dick bitch lol

    one time back in college (well i was visiting college shortly after graduation) i visited my frat house and we had a house party and some bitch was giving me mad dome in one of the bedrooms but i just skulllfucked her annd came in her mouth and when it was all done shes like "you're mean" loool wtf?
  9. I got dome, with chocolate syrup licked off my dick. Then I got head in a SEARS, and a theme park, and a beach, well, two beaches. Yeah!
  10. niggga pleeease (haha i just felt like saying that)
  11. one time i was getting my dick sucked..then me and my friend ran train
    and all that just to smoke a bowl pack with her? you know how dem hoes be

    ahh teenage memories:D
  12. She pulled off up and it squirted her in the face. I said she should've swallowed.

    Exactly what she was bitching about for 20 minutes, before.

    She does it less, now.
  13. Clamp her head down and close her nose.
  14. I never liked getting head. >_> I find it too awkward honestly. And I just know that the girls not enjoying it and shit.
  15. wtf are you gay? ^

  16. You've obviously never gotten head. It isn't that great. Unless a girl really knows what she is doing, which most don't, you wont cum.
  17. wtf are you retarded?
  18. lol you guys get some stragglers then. dome ive gotten is bomb

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