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gettin the chilllssss

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by anchorman0890, May 26, 2010.

  1. so i know weed is supposed to chill you out, but has anybody every smoked when it was a little breezy outside and gotten super cold? i dont wanna seem like a bitch but im pretty used to warm weather, lived in florida most my life, the other few years were in cali so when it gets into the 60's thats when i put on my hoodie lol. again, only happens when its like lower than 62 and the slightest breeze will get me shaking hard core.
  2. why would you seem like bitch for being cold?
  3. your more acclimated to a warm climate, thats whats going on. plus ganja makes you more sensitive to stuff, warm is warmer, lights brighter, etc. so i would imagine chilly is chillier
  4. same thing happens to me alot. its normal
  5. dude i thought i was the only one who got chills/shakes/shivers when iwas stoned and normally when not stoned would have been cold but not shivers cold so i guess some peeople get it and some people dont and my homey also gets this we are not the only ones hahahha
  6. Thanks to new england blistering testicacle winters im immune to cold so...No
  7. damn i knew it made music better and food tastier lol, but never thought it would work on all aspects of life. thanks for the info!
  8. Oya, you feel everythign more when you're stoned...cold is no exception. But...nothign beats blazing on the beach with that ocean breeze coming in!
  9. fo sho prof haha. my fav spot is over in daytona on the dunes :)
  10. Cannabis reduces imflammation. inflammation is heat related.

    Cannabis is a vasodilator. vasodilators increase blood flow. more blood flow=greater loss of heat to the cold surrounding.
  11. Happens to me all the time dude

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