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Gettin tested

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dskunk893, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Whats up GC, i gotta question all of you blades.
    So i have a drug test next Friday, but i have a bottle of 500mg Niacin. So what i was wondering was if i were to take like 5 or 6 Niacin a day and drink a ton of water from Sunday-Thursday, would i be fine? I have been taking the Niacin already for a few days but only like 2 a day. I already took 3 today and have been drinking lots of water.
    I smoked last nite and was wondering if it would be alright to smoke again tonight.
    This is the first of weekly tests for the next month:mad:, so this would really be last smoking for a while i guess:(. Should i play it safe or smoke and take the niacin?
  2. dont smoke again, keep drinking water, take the niacin, sweat
  3. DO NOT TAKE 5-6 @ 500mg. That is VERY INSANE! That stuff will kill your liver. Man, I hope you're okay. If the pills are 500mg, you shouldn't take any more than 1 a day!
  4. Smoke as much as you can now, once those tests start your going to wish you did while you could...:smoking:

    -the truth
  5. damn 5-6 does he wanna die. shit bro just take 1 at night then 1 wen u wake up and keep drinking lots of water. shit dont it say how to take it on the bottle.
  6. take 1- 2 tops right before you go to bed like Civic said.

    and stop smoking.... why the hell would you keep smoking if you are taking niacin?
  7. dude you're an idiot.
    stop smoking.
    if you're unwilling to stop smoking, you're gonna have to get clean piss from a friend.
    go easy on the niacin bro.
  8. First (and most important) step: quit smoking. It's just weed man.
  9. lol its funny how some ppl treat marijuana like tobacco and act like they cant go more then a few hours from smoking.
  10. go online and buy some synthetic or freeze dried piss and use that if you can. you might have to get creative though if you have someone actually watching you piss but if not its the way to go since you can still smoke all you want, hell you could be high as fuck taking the piss test and it still wouldent matter since its not really your pee
  11. Haha i like these ideas.

    Thanks for the replys guys, and for the advice on niacin before i killed myself lol. I Ended up smoking last nite too so im just gonna drink mad water and work out every day and keep taking the niacin. If i pass this test i am just goin to save a bunch of piss and then start smoking again lol.
  12. good luck bro
  13. thanks Civic man i need it, its fucking hard not to smoke lol
    like all my friends smoke and shit and their all like "yo dude want to blaze" and im just like fuckkkkkkkkkk
  14. dont smoke anymore.. play it safe, it usually takes a good week to get the thc out of your system.. sweat, tons of water & cranberry juice, and pop those niacins liek a crazy mothefucker. or you could just get a detox kit

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