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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ClosetMonster, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. First Of All I Am a Noob Grower And this will be my first time growing...Just as a project and hoping to get some BUD outta it! haha..

    Ok her it goes,im planning to grow in My Closet In my room...The Dimensions are 3 feet across
    2 feet deep
    8 feet high
    I got these Seeds Called Time Warp,that i got in a lil vile.Sapposedly good seeds.
    Im gonna Need Some good soil,fresh...

    I Have few question: Can i Buy a light that called sumthing like Artifical Sunligh (UV ray) Lights and use thoes? i dunno how much watts should be used if i did...
    My dad has his old growing light,sumthin like 940watt hps,Eye sunflux light,But its huge..Im just havin most problems with lights right now...And can i Wrap aluminum, foil around in my closet?Maybe i can goto the local grow shop and buy some floro's? maybe? Ne way i have to go,took longer than i thought to write,Peace out eh!Will this set up work?
  2. well here's what to the guide that is under this post.........

    the best would be tht big ass 900hps at the very top of the closet, have 2 plants, and be able to keep the temp at a half decent level, good air circulation, you'd need fans for that though......and if all went well with 2 good females, trigger flowering at 12" and they'll finish off at 2 ft, if it's a short strain, if not, you'll need to tie down and top, due to it getting closer to that big could get as much as 20oz easily from it, if grew well..........Peace out........Sid
  3. Thing is Ballast's or w/e..I dont know if my dad has one of thoes for such a big light,cause it says on the box no less than two ballast's

    Also The guy that gave me the seeds said they are like a single strain seed...Or sumthin...Him and His dad said they are awesome...So im try em out...Im still not sure what to do tho...Man u get me all excited..Im also trying one plant on my window cill,seed still germinating...But i calculated the light hours on the window cill would be 7:00am to 5:00 are the brightest hours of the day here...

    Ill be hopin to get that big light goin or else im in trouble...hope it aint to expensive to get it goin

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