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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Blutteufel, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. So, I decided to get me a shiny new stash box and, naturally, browsed the GC store. I wanted to get a stealth box, and thought the book box looked, pretty cool, until I saw the fuckin\' price. 52.71$ for a hollow book that probably cost 11$ in its orignal state and was likely quite boring to boot. Seriously, what the hell? I could buy CRACK for cheaper, assuming that I wanted to buy crack. Not only that, but naother site I occaisonally browse sells THE SAME DAMN BOOK SAFE for 18.95$, as well as a larger version that is actually two books for extra space for 32.95$, not to mention various other versions of the same thing for far less.

    I would still rather buy a book at a second hand store for 1.50$ and hollow the bastard out than pay for one, though. In fact, I did that once, with tragic results. There was this awesome abandonned house near my apartment for a while that was, for some reason, full of all the shit you would normally find in a house, despite the fact that it had been onuccupied for the better part of 30 years. There were some really cool things in there, not the least of which is an old-fashioned cash register (which I removed and sold for 100$ to a guy who collected old junk) and a ring washer. Anyway, I also too ka bunch of old books out of their, because some were from before 1940. One of these books was my selected victim for making a book vault, but I REALLY wish I had examined it more closely. Several days after carving a giant hole in it, I looked it over a bit and, to my undying horror, realized that not only was it a 1953 first edition, but it was signed by the fucking author! I never forgave myself for doing that and won\'t anytime soon.
  2. Not cool to hate on the shop.
  3. meh grasscity is a major rip off though

    EDIT ftw!!
  4. Well considering these forums are free I wouldn\'t complain.

    SJ has to make the money to run this- well he doesn\'t have to, he chooses to.

    So don\'t be so disrespectful
  5. he aint hatin really, cuz the way i see it, for 50 bucks plus shipping and handling it\'d take around 2 weeks (my bong did) to get over to the US.. for 5 dollars for a thick book at a flea market, and the cost of a box cutter, you could spend 10 minutes each night and get it hollowed out before the 50 dollar version would get here..

    hmmm, i need to get me another bong actually, think i\'ll go browse through the selection, cuz GC definitely got good prices on glass

  6. Saying a place has shitty prices isn\'t disrespectful if it\'s true. Nice try. Plus, most of the prices are pretty decent, save for a few.
  7. OK I apologize it may not be disrespectful,

    but it is completely unecessary to create a thread to complain about a price.
  8. It\'s just as unnecessary to complain about making a thread that complains about prices.
  9. they are providing a service...

    of course it\'s necessary if it\'s not up to scratch...
  10. I\'ve ordered plenty of stuff from GC, all at good prices. Hell, they even sell several of the same bongs that some local headshops do for better prices. Of course, not evrything is perfect, especially the damn book box. It\'s ridiculously overpriced for something that simple.
  11. Stop spamming.
  12. Look Blutteufel,

    just realize this thread is and will serve no purpose and delete it.

    I mean what did you expect to get out of it anyways? If you really wanted the shop to know you would have e-mailed them and not make a useless thread. The forums is a whole different entity than the shop.

    If you don\'t delete it I\'m sure the mods will- so why not help them out.
  13. *Sigh* Get the fuck off my thread and stop causing trouble for no reason. My posting of this thread has nothing to do with trying to contact the shop.
  14. I can\'t believe you reported someone else\'s post in this thread of yours. Trying to get our attention?

    Well, you did. If it weren\'t for the Shop, you wouldn\'t have the City. To the member who said \"they are providing a service\", you\'re right. SJ provides the forums to you free of charge and you get to chill here.

    We\'ll take note of your price complaint.

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