gettin rid of hickeys

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  1. whoever said a cold spoon would make them go away lied...

    these things are awkward as fuck.. HOW DO I MAKE THEM GO AWAY?
  2. I heard you push a quarter or some shit onto it so it goes away quicker. Keyword : "heard"
  3. concealer or wear a scarf! it is winter so it wouldn't look weird -- hickies can be tacky but i love getting them :p
  4. use the top of a chapstick to twist into the hickey so your skin kinda wraps around it
  5. ive tried everything before, you just have to wait for them to go away. dont hookup with bitches that give hickies
  6. If someone so much as tries to give me a hickey on my neck, I'm fucking slapping them. That's how you take care of them, don't let them happen where they can be seen if it bothers you.
  7. drunk sex gets intense
  8. take a really hot shower, it might help.
  9. Oh man 8th grade all over again.
  10. better question... how to cure stinging scratch marks
  11. I HATE hickies.. but they sure are funny to give :)

    I stopped a while ago though
  12. Man, my ex was trying to mark me or something. She would give me like 4 hickeys at once, embarrassing as shit going to school/trying to hide it from my parents. My mom once told me we were one step away from sex, I fucked my gf for the first time like a week later. :D
  13. Hold a cold spoon on there for a couple of minutes and then add heat. Presto your neck is good and new.
  14. that could easily make the situation more awkward
  15. you could pretend you hurt your neck and wear one of those immobilizers
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    I retract my former claim and now co-sign this. Only get one of those coned-dog collars. Don't ask why, just remember it's been scientifically proven to reduce questions about hickeys.


    Please post a picture so we know you're not doing it wrong.

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