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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PinealForce, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I have decided paying for my smoke is just not what i want to do with my money. I would much rather be able to control my stash and grow multiple strains. I have a friend who has been growing and he gave me the indoor marijuana horticulture bible which i have read sections of as well as multiple youtube videos and other readings on GC and other sites so i am pretty knowledgeable on the subject.
    Im not to sure which Nutes to use and i dont really know what to think of the molassys theory. Im pretty sure i am leaning on a deep water culture method with a sea of green and cloning with at least four mothers and 3 or 2 strains hopefully i can fill four trays with a dozen or so plants and cycle them out so i harvest every few weeks, this would require a veg spot for mothers and clones, a veg spot for plants and a flower room.
    I live in a third floor city apartment with paper thin walls i could build a box or two, or i could extend out a closet in a spare room and build a seperation,
    Ive really been thinking about cfl's for my mothers a couple of 125 watters and an 8 bulb 2' flouro for the veg, i also thought of a low wattage mh for my mothers and clones with one cfl and than led's and a couple of cfl's for flowering,
    any size recomendations?
    thoughts on box's?
    I really want to keep this dirtless so hydroponic is my prefered method of growing
    DWC looks easy enough, i could get some 2.5 gallon buckets and 4-6 five gallon buckets a hole saw bit 3" et pots, what dose anyone think about coarse perlite for a medium?
    also i can make my balasts from aluminum framing as well as my flower trellis,
    anyone have any equipment recomendations?
    specifically leds i have no idea what to think about them they sound to good to be true but i really cant spike my electric bill im to paranoid, thats why i figure get two 125 watt leds and a couple 125 wat cfl's for flowering with my mothers i want a cfl in the middle and a 175watt mh on top that shouldnt be to out of hand, as well as an eigh bulb 2' flouro fixture for veggin
    anywho input and information are always appreciated :wave:

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