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gettin of probation!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheFlyinBurrito, May 29, 2009.

  1. ya! finished my community service today! ive saved up a 160 for a heffer and im super stoked, ill post that up when i get it
    im pretty excited to you know like smoke pot again
  2. also i used to pot and hash prices but does any one know if 4 grams of honey oil is a good price for a 110
  3. ok fuck the honey oil man just buy buds it will be way funner.u will barely need shit to get high when i got out of rehab i had to lay in my friends grass
  4. ya i dig i was gonna go in halfs with some one cause i should have a bit more money soon enuff
  5. i finally finished my mandated drug testing and smoked for the first time last night. needless to was amazing and i was ridiculously high.
  6. I'm on a break right now cuz I got caught last week and I wanna see if I have any drug tests to face in the near future =(
  7. It doesnt matter how much thc is in you now they really only care that ur lvl goes down.
  8. your buying a cow?

  9. ahahah

  10. a heffers the slang we use for a half ounce haha

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