gettin new laptop for graduation

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  1. my parents decided they would buy a laptop since i just got my first degree..
    looking for recommendations

    price not really a factor
    i want good battery life and good sounding speakers.
    want it to be fast while doing regular stuff with music and internet browsing and videos and stuff.
    not really for hardcore gaming.. just a fast good all around setup

    hoping to order later on today

    been lookin asus and lenovo but want some specific new brands/models that are highly regarded
  2. get a macbook. /thread
  3. i never was really interested
    in macs though..
    but i use an iphone
    can i put my old music from my pc onto a mAc easily
  4. Macbook pro blows anything out of the water. I was a hardcore PC dude before my sister bought herself a mac.

  5. Don't waste money on any apple product.

    If money isn't a problem get this bad boy.

    Alienware M18x Laptop Details

    32 gigs of ram. That's some serious shit right there.
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    Buy some high end parts, a nice case, and put it together yourself for half the price. Not to mention that laptop has a crappy onboard GFX.
  7. I have a dell laptop that I got for about 800. It gets the job done, runs all the programs I need and is pretty fast. The only problem I have with it is the cd/dvd drive stopped writing about 7 months after I got it :confused:
  8. Don't get a mac book, i don't recommend alienware either.

    That's all I'm gonna say
  9. Anything other than a mac.

  10. recommend me something bro
  11. Asus, it will last you forever compared to most laptops where they run too hot (like pretty much ALL of the Macbooks because how crammed the hardware is) and then the solder melts.
  12. Almost any brand will work. Brand fanboys usually know little to nothing about their computers, and haters are typically victims of chance.

    I'd recommend this, or something like it. You didn't mention your preference of size, so I just used my favorite: 13in.

    TOSHIBA Portege R835-P56 - TOSHIBA Portege R835-P56 Notebook Intel Core i5 2410M(2.30GHz) 13.3" 4GB Memory DDR3 1333 640GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi Intel HD Graphics 3000

    This would have plenty of power for casual uses, with some left over. A little more than three pounds, 9 hours of battery life. (So maybe 6-7 of realistic use?)
    Good luck with whatever you get. :)
  13. Macbook pro man

  14. looks nice man

    any experience with how the onboard speakers sound
  15. well thats just not true

  16. Reviews say the sound quality isn't very good. It's hard to find a laptop with decent speakers nowadays, and I guess this isn't an exception.

    I'd recommend using external speakers at home and headphones on the go. That's with *any* laptop.
  17. Macs are very over priced, you can get the 2x the power for the price of a Mac, sure they have some proprietary programs, nothing thats worth that much money though..

    I have a HP and couldnt be happier.

  18. Lol. Don't waste money on an Apple product, waste money on a dressed up dell. :laughing:
    Look, if you want a laptop that runs Mac OS X, you've gotta spend a bit more than a comparably performing machine that runs Windows or Ubuntu. But to suggest an overpriced windows machine makes no sense. There's no point in paying more for the Alienware name and case that runs the same OSs as other, cheaper brands. And nowhere did he indicate the need for 32 gigs of ram. I really doubt that thing gets anywhere near the battery life of a MacBook or comparable windows laptop. I don't know though.

    The MacBooks do not run too hot. The fan in my Core 2 Duo 13 MBP keeps the processor at 85º C max. The solder is not going to melt, that is absurd. And why would the MacBooks be more "packed in" compared to other laptops with similar thicknesses and battery sizes?

    All I can say is, both Windows 7 and Mac OS X are great operating systems, and Apple sells good computers. I'm a Mac person myself, don't have much Windows 7 experience or experience with PC laptops.

    I still recommend the MBP if you have the money. Very good battery life and easy to use. And you can still run Windows or OS X.

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