Gettin Drunk...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mushie, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. gna be a long boring night... anyone wanna talk over thread or PM?? :wave:
  2. im already feelin the love :D
  3. i wanna get drunk
  4. im on probation and cant smoke so i pretty much shroom and drink haha... where from the bay are you? im from the valley in lodi near stockton, i go to the bay to get shrooms often.
  5. hi i'll console you mon ami
  6. A day doesn't go by without me having a few beers.
  7. Just look at those pictures I posted a little while longer lol
  8. Drunk drunk drunk.

    Yeah, I'm bored tonight on adderall. I was playing Castle Crashers on XBL with a friend, but he ditched me and now I'm gonna be stuck up all night wide awake, lol.
  9. haha hey all and yeah black nice pics :D.. shit im sippin on some jose cuervo.. id ratyher be shroomin but i did just two nights ago and i like to take at least a week break in between trips haha
  10. lol play some halo or COD5
  11. Dude, you get on Halo or CoD 5 I'll play. Haha.

    I'm bored as FUCK. Lulz
  12. you mean CoD world at war.. i got it haha who wants to play?
  13. *sigh*

    WaW then. Add me. Gamertag is the same as this name, FreakTard.
  14. alright anyone whow wants to play some CoD waw ADD MY GAMERTAGE: Psilocybin Box
  15. Shit, my 360 just took a shit on me too. It won't turn back on... =[


    I thought my mic was messed up. I'll have to hit you up some other time bro... fuckin thing.
  16. damn if no one is gna play then ima just watch a movie haha ill give it like 10 min tho
  17. Ha, sorry bro.

    Have fun with your drunkness though. =]
  18. i will.. got work tomoro (mabi) im hoping it rains so i dont have to go... right now im pruning grapes for my uncle as a side job...

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