Gettin crossfaded as fuck

Discussion in 'General' started by I Toke Alone, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Haven't drank since last Tuesday. I Love smoking a fat bowl then drinking an 18 pack or so. Anyone else getting fucked up? Hit me up if you want. I'm a lonely man.

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  2. Every night. Every.
  3. Check it out, my pinkie is still stitched up.

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  4. Every night man
  5. Woah, 3 bosses in one thread. I like toking a lot right before I drink but not so much when I'm already drunk. Get the spinz n shiz.
  6. Grass then beer, you're in the clear
    Beer then grass, you're on your ass
    This rhyme have saved me a lot of puking and spinning.
  7. I'm Pissed as fuck right now because I deposited a check that accidently went into my dad's account and now I don't have enough money for lots of beer. Fuck. I only got another 6 pack that's means only 12 beers tonight when I need like 20.oh well fuck
  8. I'm pretty fucked up right now though. I don't even smoke cig but only when I drink so I'm fucked up on Nicotine weed and alcohol. When you don't smoke cig regularly they give you a good buzz especially when you're crossfaded. My body is fucking on fire right now. A good kind of burning alive though.
  9. my rhyme is more like:

    grass, liquor
    grass, liquor
    grass, liquor
    grass, liquor
  10. Man I'm fucked up. Still sitting in my truck. No one to really talk to other than 3 dumb chicks I met online. I want to have real convo with a Stoner...
  11. Giving me the craves. Looks like im going to buy some brews tonight!
  12. Don't have any beer but just smoked my first bowl of the night. Might go get some beers after reading this thread lol

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  13. Go eat some beers
  14. Lol awe I kinda feel bad for you

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  15. you smoke a bowl then drink a whole 18 pack??? thats just insane man. dont get me wrong, i can put down some beers. but 18? after smoking weed?? thats just overkill lol wtf
  16. an 18 pack? are you joking?  damn bro if you're saucing that hard you may as well grab a bottle.
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    Having one of my best trips tonight. Drank about 15 beers and made myself man up and I ripped 2 bowls of green crack right when I ran out of beer.

    I was in a fucking trance. Still am. About to pass out and I hope I have orgasmic dreams that take me to the heavens and back. Felt my heart heart racing but I didn't check it. Was an amazing trip. 2 bowls of green crack, 15 beers, 2 bowls of green crack = mind fuck orgasm from Mars.
  18. You are going to feel horrible when you wake up.

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