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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by orion, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. Hey all....about a week ago I'm at a dance with my girlfriend on a saturday night. on sunday morning my mom comes to wake me up and tells me that we need to talk. it turns out that my sister was supposedly looking for my TV remote while i was at the dance and found my stash. so i know i'm totally busted. well, my mom says she doesn't want me doing it anymore (yeah, like that'll happen) and asks me to show it to her. i show her my stuff and my sis says "woah....i didn't see all that, only a little baggie with seeds." so i'm thinkin "fuck! i coulda kept this all to myself." so, my mom almost gave it back but then said, "wait, i'll hang onto this...." she doesn't smoke (anymore, that is.) so now she's on to me, plus she has what weed i had left. isn't that kinda shitty??? oh well....i guess i should be thankful that she let me keep my bowls. (good thing she didn't notice the one that was half packed :-D) so, what are your thoughts on the matter, or just getting busted in general?
  2. how old are you?
  3. find a better hiding place and tell your parents you quit.
  4. see, i'm 19 and my mom still flipped. thing is, she put the idea to smoke in my head in the first place when she told me one day that we would go to my summer home and smoke up so i could see what it was like. so i told her i'll quit and i'm gonna keep on tokin anyways
  5. Personally, I'd continue to smoke and be open and honest with her about my habit. I wouldn't smoke in her house if she asked me not to, but there's probably nothing to stop you from smoking with friends or while you're out and about.
  6. As long as you are smoking responsibly you should be justtified in your toking. Try to educate you mother about the medicinal, and benefits of mary jane.

    good luck

  7. yes, you should definately be honest and open with her...i was with my parents and we actually had a discussion about it, and they are semi cool with it..i leave bongs in progress, pipes, bowls, empty sacks...hell..the cats have even ran across the living room with a sack in its mouth, and mom and dad just gave it back to me...they dont really say anything other than dont carry it around with you..which is understandable.
  8. suck for you

  9. damn that would suck, but i think you should just play it kewl and keep smokin. i told my parents that i smoke, but that i havent in a long time(which is a big lie) and they said that if my grades are o.k. and i am respectful to them and odmychores, then i can go out back and toke up, but not in front of them. Both of them used to be stoners until i turned about 3. so try to reasen with your parents and tell them the positive effects from weed, and compare it to a bad drug and say something like " wouldnt you rather me smoke weed then shoot heroin?" then she will have to say yes! it worked for me, just try to talk your way through it making lots of compramizes.

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