Gettin buck with a teacher...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 26, 2006.

  1. Thas how i do.

    Aight check this, I been stressed because these fake 734 Mafia fools killed my homie a couple days ago. So people plottin...

    So i was stressed this mornign when i went into adult ed. Well my teacher Ms. P today is tight as fuck with me. I told her i was gon go sell yearbooks with two of my homies, Jus an exscuse not to have to be in class. So i did it for like a hour and a half, A two hour class. Well i even asked Mr. W if i could cuz hes in charge of it and he said go head, So it was three of us doing it.

    So we chillin outside his class bullshitin when Flatz and another security guard walk up on us and tell us to get to class. I told him we passin out yearbooks n shit, Mr. W said his two students were, That HE DONT KNOW ME.

    Wait hold up a minute, You dont know me, Get fuckin real. Everybody in my adult ed now me.

    So i said fuck it and started walkin to my class with Ms. P when Mr. W had to run his mouth. 2 Secuiritty guards standin there talkin to him when i hear him say to my back. "I hate it when this happens, You aient man enough, You aient man enough to admit you made a mistake."

    I went from :cool: to :mad: in like a tenth of a second.

    I turned around and got in his face.

    I was like "What the fuck, I aient man enough. Who the fuck you think you are." By now flatz and the other security guards watchin but almost in amazement that im gettin buck to a teacher, I dont give a fuck. So i went on "You dont fuckin know me remeber, You came at me and disrespect me and tell me i aient man enough, Who the fuck are you to say that kinda shit to me. Fuck you, Punk peice of shit." Grimmed him and walked away.

    Walked into my class pissed, Everybody knew i was routy now. Not like 2 minutes later who has the balls to come to my class but Mr. W and tell Ms. P i was skippin class this n that. Us three went into the hallway, 4 classes surrounding us.

    He said his side of the story, I got pissed when he said i wasnt man enough AGAIN. I got right in his shit, And i said "Your pissed me off the first dick, But now you say it again, We can do it right here punk bitch." Ms. P was pissed at him and agreed with me and he walked out the class.

    Lunch is like 15 minutes away and im jus fuming now.

    Whole class gettin routy some of my *****s ready to go fruck up this teacher. And i told em all my boy got killed the other day im fucking pissed and now he disrepsecintg me.

    Well lunch rolls around, Ms.P told me to go home and sip on something and calm down. Her exact words.

    So i go outside and smoke a couple ports with my peoples. Securitys griming me, Whats Flatz do, LAUGH. Man i almost got buck on him, i spoke up and said 'You got something to say Flatz?". And he looked away nervous.

    I see Mr. W out there lookin all around watchin his back lookin mad nervous. He was seriously scared for his life. And he should be bietch. You disrespected me.

    I was ready to get buck wild with him.

    After smokin ports went and smoked a blunt with the homies and chilled out.

    Now i gotta go back at 1:15 for a interview to be let back in next semester. This will be fun.
  2. hilarious man.

    i can't believe your teacher told you to sip on something.

    good story, fuckin dicks.

    i hate when school officials act hard to students. if only he had shoved you or something, you could have beat his ass and walked away.
  3. dam that sounds intense, srry to hear about your homie. haha i wish i had a teacher like Ms.P she sounds like an awesome teacher hah, g/l with your academic situation tho
  4. I hate kids like you. Kids who need to go and pick a fight to prove themselves. Maybe you should focus on your education instead of fucking around for 1 1/2 hours doing nothing. And when someone challenges your manlihood, violence is not the way to prove otherwise.
  5. That sucks about your buds friends man. I had the same thing happen a week ago about this time. I was going to hang out with him too.. guy was in too deep with a coke dealer I'm pretty sure.. but I really don't know for sure. Knowing the guy, he probably pissed someone off or owed him a shitload of money though.
  6. surfing rob, he's not a kid hes a grown man he said he was in adult ed.
  7. And i hate 'kids' like you, That make assumptions and think they no somebody and open their mouth, When in reality they know nothing.

    We was watchin a movie in class, Thats very educational dumbass.

    And i deff tryed to pick a fight fer sure. No he disrespected one of his own students because a asshole pediphile.

    If you only knew, Next time think before you open your mouth.
  8. What? Since when did he become a pedophile?
  9. Since ive knew him. Hes a adult ed teacher, And across the street from our adult ed school is a middle school. He'll sit out there and jus stare at the young girls, Stares at the hot female students of his, And he jus comes off and a predator type guy. Hes real sneaky and coniving.
  10. ^^ middle schoolers are hot.
  11. You should have stalled off on him right there infront of the school :D
  12. What? pedophile? That means someone who touches children..

    There are better ways to solve something then to start a fight and get angry. To quote Captain Jack Sparrow "WAit for the oppurtune moment." In otherwords, hold off. Save your violence for defense against a physical onslaught.

    If someone "gets all up in your grill yo", use your words. We evolved complex languages for a reason, and theres at least 5 or 6 different ways to communicate the same idea.

    Was this an English class you got out of? You may want to start payig attention.

    Anyways, this is what you should say next time:

    "With respect sir, I had permission from my teacher to sell these Yearbooks out here. If you'd like to go talk to her, I'd be much obliged to accompany you."

    Instead of assuming he means something by connecting your own dots, perhaps you can maybe have a little understanding. If he said "I dont know you", then tell him!

    Instead of assuming he knows you because your so cool in the class, why dont you introduce yourself? Shake his hand! Make friends with him. Maybe next time if you really ARE screwing up, then he'll help you out.

    The problem with people like you is that guys dont think things through. You have to understand, if you say "FUCK YOU!! ARGH MATEY", your not doing anything positive.

    Your not doing anything positive.

    By saying "fuck you", you've basicly eliminated any possibility of the situation coming out under control.

    Two wrongs don't make a right. Give a little, and sooner or later, you'll get some back.
  13. Its one thing to be able to sit here and tell KSR how he should have handled the situation, but its another to actually be in that situation. If somones got it in for you, then thats that. As far as i'm concerned, KSR was respectful up until the point when somone showed him disrespect. After that, its open season.

    PS: handling shit in the hood isnt exactly the same as handling shit in the burbs either. you guys act like you can just grow up and ignore the environment you're in.
  14. I dont care how grown up he is. He is in adult education because he fucked up in highschool. If he was following the right path in life he would either be in highschool (im not sure how old he is) or college. Bottom line is he handled the situation in the complete opposite manner as an adult would. He acted like a child and let his emotions get in the way. You can prove yourself even better than a fight by getting a degree and good job...

  15. dude seriously, who talks like that anymore. And unless you've never read any of KSR's threads, you should know that everyday life where he comes from is a lot different than a lot of peoples days.
  16. Like I already said, there must be 5 or 6 different ways to phrase a word. If you're from the hood, does that auytomaticly mean you need to be an asshole to someone?

    How about what I would've said in real life:

    "Nah dude, I got permission from Ms.P. Go ask her."

    That does the same job, except I'm not saying FUCK YOU I AINT PLAYING WIT CHU!!! ARRG MATEY:smoking:
  17. I am in adult education because i chose to drop out of school because at the time things were more important then my education. I got back in adult education because education was more important than the things i was doing. I dropped out to make money because i woulda been dead if i didnt make it. But im back because ima man and i know what i need to do in life to be succesful.

    See, Some people here look at it from my point of view, And some look at it from they're own point of view. Most people who disagree with me dont udnerstand the situation at hand from where i lay at.

    He disrespected me and basically said one of those things that would piss me off more then anything. And he said it because there was two security guards right there and he thought hed be hot shit and talk shit and i couldnt do nothing, I dont play that game. The whole time i was calm cool and collected when it happened. I was jus in his face and muggin while i said what i said. I never lost my temper when he was there. He knew i was extrelmely heated but i still stayed calm n cool. Othewise id be in jail right now.

    I could have handled the situation differently, But the heat of the moment and jus being called out infront of alot of people got me heated. He asked for it. And he was wrong on all points.

    I went back to the school, Im accepted to come back next semester. Ms. P said i was in the right, Anita the counslor and Judy the director all said i was in the right and i handled the situation in the right way.

    I wasnt picking a fight, I was standing up for myself. I will not let people walk over me and think they're better then me or in this case more of a man then me. If someone wants to disrespect me i will stand up for myself.

    And ive been in so many of these situations over the years i know how to handle them properly. And obviouslly since even the director and counslor said i was in the right, I know i was.

    I know i had permission from both Mr. W and Ms. P. Mr. W. knows me because i was his student last semester. He jus wanted to be a dick and act like he dont know me. This school pretty much everybody knows everybody. Theres some people who dont get out there but for the most part everybody knows everybody. And im one of the people who gets around and all teachers/staff/students know me. Its jus the way it is.

    So for him to say he didnt give me permission, And that he dosent know me is completle bullshit. Then ontop of that call me out and disrespect me, No i dont think so.
  18. Oh yeah, Some nep repped me and said this. "ur mad because you made a bad situation worse?" Of course no name.
  19. Knuck if you buck
  20. that was dumb. sorry like what was the point in getting in his face...focus on your education, fuck everyone else if they gonna say shit bad to you, brush it off

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