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Discussion in 'General' started by lovetofly, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Im getting bored of doing the same old things while high and was just wonderin, whats some things you guys like to do while your high, something new and exciting?
  2. Get a new hobby or develop one further. I've always kept journals and notes, but I just invested in a new pen (gonna get more, almost as addictive as buyin guitars) and some fancy ink. Love writing when I'm stoned.
  3. Well haha, you should name the things you do while high so that we don't suggest those things. I'm usually with friends when I smoke. We chill in the car and listen to some tunes. I went to South beach once with my cousin, that was sick lol. There's lots of places to go here so I never get bored.
  4. I get high mostly by myself so I can run into that boredom problem sometimes, but some ideas would be:

    make edibles- get you way more immersed in your high, create music (very time consuming if you get into it and get syou in touch with your inner self), draw things, and probably the best idea out of all of these- get a job!! I am currently looking for a job and i think once i finally land one, that will be a very worthwhile endevour- and than depending on who you are, you can go to work high or save it as a euphoric end of the day ritual.

    spending time in nature is always nice t0o!
  5. What do you like to do when your sober, do them high....
    Find a new thing you enjoy, find a girl, i personally enjoy architecture work...
  6. we always go chill in the garage. Music and friends and we have the awesome I'm high conversations. That is always what we do and it's awesome.
  7. Blunt + Golf +Golf Cart = kick ass time
  8. drive your car somewhere really random while smoking an L. when the blunt is done and you're completely lost, try to find your way back to your house. listen to some good music and its fun.

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