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Discussion in 'General' started by ladykate, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. soo...i got caught with a blunt by the po's in april and haven't smoked since. i get done with all of my court stuff in less than 2 weeks. and i am sooo fuckin excited. this means, that i haven't smoked in 4 months!! is my high gonna change when i start smoking again? i used to smoke heavily before this little run in with the cops, like at least 3 times a day. any thoughts?
  2. if you havent smoked for months your tolerance is 0zero0, so your high is going to be good and long enjoy:hello:

    welcome to gc
  3. get some high quality bud and sit back and enjoy to the fullest. Ive never stopped puffin for 4 months, but from watching other people who have completed big tolerance breaks...your in for a treat
  4. thanks! glad to be here. and im glad to hear my high is going to be good. i was getting to the point where it took at least a blunt or 2 to get faded so this will be a long awaited re-loss of my weed virginity haha
  5. Welcome to GC, and yes get some potent ass dank, then just rip bowls from the bong, before you know it you will be SOARING.

  6. haha you are going to get ripped! :)
  7. after reading all ur other posts and determining ur not a cop.

    ur high wont change d/w....

    but lets smoke a blunt between the music and theater buildings

    look what i got

    Yeah ***** KSU Kush
  8. lol i refuse to smoke on campus..but im def down to smoke your kush.
  9. Definitely! I had to quit for four months for probation (well, technically I had to quit for six months, but that's another story :p) and when I toked up that first time I was SO fucked.

    I was giggly and even had some of the visual effects that were present when I first started smoking. It made me truly remember just how good weed makes me feel. Have a blast. :)
  10. haha tomorrow is the big day. today is my last official sober day ha. probably for a very long time :)
  11. very nice! good luck getting blitzed. :bongin:

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