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Gettin around school firewalls.. (filter)

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. woulda been useful a year or so ago for some NROP ;).
  2. ping that shit in dos
  3. i dont know how to ping a site in dos.. ;\\ atleast not that i know of if u told me how i can and probly will rember doin it
  4. At my old high school they had a filter named Bess Internet Filter. Cgi proxies work for a bit till the administrator notices all the proxy sites in the computers history. Best way is to remove it, but in our case they had a computer lock program named Fortress but thats easily removed as well.
  5. Your school has those filters in place for a reason and we\'re not going to allow talk of circumventing security procedures here, as what you are trying to do technically is illegal and you could be prosecuted for tampering with or bypassing any type of filters on their network if they wanted to go that far. I\'m an IT Manager/Net Admin by trade, and know very much what I\'m talking about. Also, most all systems log all activity in a school environment, regardless if you bypass an Internet filter.

    Edit: You may not agree with it, but those filters are there for a reason. In most cases to block access to porn, etc. but they also play a crucial role in taming the spyware and virus issues, as alot of the porn stuff is filled with trojans, etc. You have to remember if you get one pc infected, the entire network is at risk. Talking about an environment as big as a school, they can\'t afford to take the risk of serious downtime simply because somebody wanted some porn, or whatever the case might be.

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Thread Status:
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