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  1. Hey guys, so im thinkin about getting a tattoo on either my shoulder blade or bicep heres a pic of it but im gonna add some stuff to the backround. Im just looking for opinions so tell wat you guys think:) Oh and BTW that "proud of my irish heritage" thing isnt gonna be there either
  2. Everyone has their tastes, my only advice is to be original. If I see another barb wire bicep tat I'm gonna have no choice but to start throwing coconut cream pies indiscriminately :smoking:

  3. Am I to understand that if I get a barbed wire bicep tat, I will receive a free coconut cream pie?

    Sign me up!
  4. Get me a cinnamon apple pie and I'm game!
  5. Thanks for the input man. Im gonna change a lot of stuff about it so I know its unique to me the pic is really just a starting point for it. But im thinking black outlines with dark green?? And if theres coconut creampie involved I might just have to get some barbed wire tats lol jk jk:smoking::smoking:
  6. See, Wasabe? This is what happens when you try to use pie as a threat. *shakes head*
  7. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the kitchen... :smoking:
  8. I wish my parents would have threatend me with pies when I was growing up lol You get caught drinking or something and get a freshly baked apple pie haha its like YES!:smoking:
  9. My mom didn't say anything about my first tattoo, I was 18. Plus it's on my back, where it doesn't show.

    First first piercing on the other hand...oh boy. I was 15 and pierced my eyebrow myself and she got pissed when she finally noticed it. Wanted to sue whoever had done it. Wouldn't believe it was me that did it. She got over if after a while. :smoking:
  10. So for real though guys what do you think about it? and you think it would look better on my bicep or my shoulder blade

  11. LOL
    "Go to your room right now, or I'm going to make the best damn pie you've ever had! :mad:"

    I apologize for my part in dragging this thread totally off topic. In my defense, Wasabe was the one who had to bring up cream pie on stoner forum. :rolleyes::p

  12. Only you can decide what looks good on you. Everyone has their own preferences. If it was me though, I would get it on my chest plus add even more tattoos so they formed sort of an armor chest plate. Or if your trying to sleeve up your arm, then go for the bicep. It's all up to you.
  13. Thanks Everybody I think I + repped everyone who posted.

    And its all good about the going off topic I can see it now

    Dad: Its 11:30 your curfew was 9:00 what happened??

    Son: I was smoking weed and lost track of time

  14. Since I've posted multiple times in this thread and have yet to comment on the actual point of it...

    If you're not totally settled on that idea yet, take a look around deviantart's tattoo section.
    I don't think it's a bad idea, but if it were me I'd want to make it just a little more unique. If anything, you can search for "celtic" and browse around, maybe find a cool spin on the idea you already have. :smoking:
  15. Thanks for the input:hello: Junkiedays (double thumbs up):hello:

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